Monday, September 04, 2006

Awwww...Home at last !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh its so nice being at home with Mommy and Daddy and as you can see Dad likes to read me stories. And when I get tired....

I get to hang out with my puppy dog...Abbey...she makes a nice pillow too :-)

Dad just couldn't take it anymore he had to jump in and play too! See how happy I am now!

Uh Oh here goes Dad again...more excercises...boy you'd think he was a military guy or something.....Oh wonder....he is!!!! I can see it now...mandatory PT at 0500!!! AUGH...sombody save me!!!!

Enough of that excercise stuff its off to camping..Yippie! And how convient...right in our front yard.....and if this tent isn't big enough.....

...then its off to Grammy and Gramps motorhome....only 15 feet about an easy trip! Well its Labor Day so I better be off to "labor amongst my toys"...... I am...can ya see me.....yes I really am in all this. Mommy and Daddy keep saying "I'm so deprived".....I hope they aren't kidding so maybe I can get more toys!

See here I am....I love all my neat toys and I just want to thank all of you for giving me these fun toys......

Lovebug hugs
Littlebug.....oh and Mommy and Daddy too....oh and can't forget Abbey!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Last day at Children's....going home!!!!

Dad working on Littlebugs neck control......I'm coming along Daddy....if you lived in a hospital bed as long as I have you'd be sore too!!!!

Ok Dad enough neck control work....just give me a big hug!

Ok it's Mommy's turn...she likes hugs too.....Hey how do you like my new mittens? Those are so I don't pull out that PH probe tube in my nose. Only 1 more hour and I get it out...Yeah!!! And then I get to go home with Mommy and Daddy!!!!!! YIPPIE!!!!!!!!

Mommy and Daddy signing the discharge papers so we can get outta here....we are getting closer!But it wouldn't be right not to stop and thank the Lord for all the answered prayers and especially for helping me through this big surgery...Thanks God for my new heart!

Look there it is the "exit sign"....boy I've waited a long time to see that sign! we go...on our way home!!!!!!!!!!!! I love home!

Lovebug hugs....Littlebug at HOME!!!!