Sunday, May 03, 2009

Here's what we're up to...

It has once again been far too long since I made an update about family life here at the Robertson's. Spring has definitely sprung around here. Randy was able to get our little garden prepared and planted during his last time at home for a few days. Now we just have to feed, water, fertilize and wait for the bounty!! Mackenzie had a great time being a gardener with Daddy. She is our outdoor girl. When she wakes up in the morning it's the cutest thing to go in and get her. You'd think there would be a greeting of Daddy or Mama, but no, it's usually the word "Outside" with the inflection of a question mark at the end. It's so cute. The moment she's awake she wants to go play in the dirt and plink around the yard.

Connor is involved in 3 therapies during the week. Monday's is a big day for him. He has physical therapy here at home with his new school therapist, Matt. They are getting along beautifully. He is genuinely excited to see Matt on Monday's. They've been working on a really neat platform swing that Connor loves. It is really working his core strength and you can tell he is working hard when you see him on it. Connor is sidestepping along the couch and other surfaces as well as pivoting his strength to turn corners and go in the opposite direction. This is a huge accomplishment for Connor. He was fitted for new orthotic shoes a few weeks back and we have just received them last week, so we are now working ourselves up to wearing them every day!!! Monday's are also academic days for Connor. His preschool teacher comes for 1 hour to work with him on educational goals. Right now, they are working on concepts such as in and out and cause and effect type of play. Connor enjoys his playtime with Teacher Noell.

Connor is also involved in occupational and speech therapy on Thursdays. Natalie and Katie work with him on his fine and gross motor skills while trying to incorporate sign language. There is a lot going on in those sessions which I think can be very frustrating for Connor, so we are not seeing progress in this department at present, but we press on. I think Connor's favorite day of the week (other than the days Daddy comes home) is Wednesday because that is when we get to go visit Erica and do one hour of pool therapy. He loves Erica and he loves the water. Splishing and splashing and kicking are a big hit with him. He is doing well with the therapy. It is not swimming lessons, so he isn't learning to swim. He is being challenged in his muscle strength and leg coordination in hopes that we will begin walking skills soon. He is progressing nicely in this area.....Remember, he marches to the beat of his own drum, so the timing may not be perfect, but, as I always say, "He's getting there"!!!

I have mentioned over and over and over again on this blog that we remain frustrated about the feeding/nutrition situation with Connor. He is still not taking any food by mouth. He is exclusively fed through his g-tube. We are becoming increasingly concerned that we need to push him and challenge him to eat by mouth. We try suckers in his mouth to give him a good experience and he will still have nothing to do with it. How we wish for the day when Connor will eat by mouth. This remains a struggle...a big one!!!! Enough said!!!

Alex is just as happy as ever. He has a ready smile as soon as you catch eyes with him. He loves to play and eat!!! He's the chunkiest of all our kiddo's and we just love the sight of that little baby fat on his legs!!! We always say, we could just eat 'em up!!! He is sleeping wonderfully with his brother in the "boys" room. They do so well together. Neither one wakes the other up. It is a great situation, and I can now count on them sleeping through the night, which is wonderful for this mom who needs her rest. Still no teeth yet, but Alex is working really hard on cutting those first bottom teeth. He loves rolling around to get to his crawling yet, but I think we could be getting close. He babbles all the time and I've even heard him mimick, Mama...but don't tell Daddy!!! At 7 1/2 months Alex is starting to exhibit seperation anxiety. I never really sensed this in either Connor or Mackenzie, but Alex is another story. As soon as he sees you leave his sight, he gets pretty teary eyed. And then, as soon as it started, he is happy again as soon as he sees me. I hope we can help him navigate through this time of finding some independence. No matter what, he is such a joy and makes our days fun.

Randy and I are anticipating a wonderful trip coming up in just a couple weeks. Mackenzie will have the fun opportunity to be in her first Hawaii!!! Our niece, Lindsay is getting married on Maui. Kenzie will get to be one of the flower girls and will get to walk down barefoot in the sand on flower petals. What fun!!! So, Randy and I and Kenzie will head out to Maui on May 19th and will have a week of fun in the sun!!!! This will be a great time for all of us to be together, rest and play!!! Grandma Nanny & Pop Pop will be staying with the boys so they will have a fun treat as well getting spoiled by grandparents. We are blessed for their willingness to stay with the kids so that we can have this fun time. There are many preparations to get ready for, but it is all fun stuff. However, I had really wanted to drop this pesky baby weight before the such luck....I have some work to do to get back to the real Lori!!! I need to step up my commitment to looking and feeling better.

Anyway, that is what's going on around here. Hope all is well in each corner of your world, wherever that may be. If I don't have the opportunity to post before we leave on the 19th, rest assured I will post when we return from Hawaii. You can see I've changed the way the blog looks a little. I guess I thought it was time for a change....It's kinda like changing around the furniture at home, Ha Ha!!! You can continue to view everything the same way as you used to. Please continue to leave us comments when you visit. We LOVE to hear from everyone, some days, it's just what I need. You can also let us know your reaction by checking the appropriate box....praying for you, funny or love it!!! Just thought I'd have a little fun with some of the gadgets that are available to this blog. Thanks again for visiting. You all play a vital role in our family and were thankful for your commitment to visit us here on the blog.

Lovebug Hugs,

Here's a selection of various Easter, Birthday, Outside and Professional Pictures

The Kids Easter Baskets...Connor (left end) Mackenzie (middle) Alex (right end)...Spoiled little bunnies!!!

It's my very first Easter everyone!!!

Ok, has everyone seen the movie "A Christmas Story"? I know Mama didn't put me in a pink bunny suit....but this is comin' real close guys!!!!!! What were you thinking Mama????

Hey, these bunny ears aren't so bad. I think I like Easter grass!!

You mean I have to start learning to drink from a sippy cup now??? Rats, I love my BaBa!!!

Why is it then when Mama leaves the house....even if it's just for an hour or two....dirt and mud seem to quickly follow????

Getting dirty with Daddy!!!

Making mud puddles...

I just have one question here....Is Mama gonna find out about this????

There's our sunshine girl...Thanks for the pretty sunglasses Auntie Maureen... I wear them every day to get ready for our big airplane trip to Hawaii!!!

I love to chew on my toys!!!

Alex snuggling with Auntie Marsha at the big family birthday party....I was pooped out!!! Thanks for the snuggles and lovies auntie!!!

Connor and Daddy opening presents....Hey Grandpa & Grandma...I love my new set of sports balls. They're really cool!!

Playing with Daddy and my new basketball!!

Mackenzie's 2 Year Portrait!!! Isn't she a big girl. She got to be all dressed up and we even curled her hair with a curling iron for the 1st time. She definitley had the beauty treatment.

Sitting pretty and smiling like a good girl!!!

Being a cutie pie!

I think she really had fun at her photo shoot!!! We got lots of good pictures. Now it's Alex and Connor's turn for their next professional pictures. We'll post them as soon as we get them back.

Lovebug Hugs,