Saturday, January 06, 2007

Recent Visit With Friends.....And.........

A pre-Christmas visit with good friends & neighbors, Duke and Shawn. The visit proved to be a big hit with Little Bug....Duke put him right to sleep in his arms and it was ever so precious to watch!!! Aaaahhhh!! (By the way, I get the feeling Connor would love more visits like this!!)

Duke and Shawn having a moment with Little Bug!!!!
And...........Truth be told, they were in on a big surprise with Randy for over 3 weeks. They housed our family Christmas present that was a HUGE surprise to Lori!!!!!!!! Wow, we've entered the world of the Family-Mobile!!!!!!

Here it is...............We are the proud owners of a minivan!!!!!!!! WHOHOO!!!!!!!!! It is so much nicer getting Connor in and out of the van. We had been looking for quite a few months, but Mama had no idea that Daddy had took the plunge!!!! Thanks sweetheart for the most extravagent and practical of gifts for our growing family......I promise to fill every seat.......Actually, I think that's a promise "We" have to make right???? Hey, isn't this an 8 passenger.....Yikes, what did I just promise!!!!!!

More Christmas Photos........

Little Bug loved hanging out with his cousin Olivia. She played his new Ittsy Bitsy Spider toy a lot and Connor just smiled away.....

Daddy and Little Bug reading Connor's new book, The Big Red Barn!!!

Grandma-nanny and Little Bug finding some snuggle time in a very busy day!!!!

Who could forget Abbey for Christmas. Here she is ready to devour a yummy present from Grandpa and Grandma M.

Hey, where's my Daddy in this picture???? Oh, he must have been taking it. Well here I am with Mama, Uncle Bryan and Auntie Heather, Great Grandma Fox and my cousins, Olivia, Brayden and Bergen Luke.

Wow, Grandpa is really warm to snuggle with....I think I like it here. Thanks for rocking me while I slept Grandpa!!!

Lovebug Hugs,
Little Bug

Monday, January 01, 2007

Christmas Photos............

Wow....So this is Christmas???????? I hope my Daddy and Mama find me in here.....What if they pass me out to the wrong person????? I sure hope my Daddy and Mama will get me because I have a special present for them.....(if you know what I mean...HEE HEE!!!)

Yeah, Daddy and Mama found me!!!!!!!!!! We had so much fun up in Ferndale at one of my Christmas celebrations. I got to see my Grandpa and Grandma Robertson and all 14 of my uncles and aunts and I think there were 18 cousins there too.......It was a lot of fun!!!!!

I love it that my Daddy can't keep his lips off of me. I hope he doesn't know that I'm spoiled, but I think he may be catching on......Yikes.....what am I going to do????? (Seeking advice from all spoiled children throughout the world on how to keep this good deal going!!!! Please reply in the comment section below, thanks...HA HA)

Hey, when all else fails just put on a fish hat and the day will be bright once again....Thanks Uncle Loren for sharing your super-cool fish hat with me!!!!

Here I am in the kitchen with Mama and Aunt Kathy, Uncle Les and cousin Erica. We were all standing close by the turkey to get the first taste. I think the itty bitty baby inside of Mama really wanted turkey because we couldn't pry her away from the kitchen once that turkey was done. Thanks Pastor Mike for making such a yummy treat!!!

Look at me.......I know my hair looks funny, but Mama doesn't know what to do about that....So look at this bassinet that I'm in.....It's over 75 years old. My Grandma R. slept in it and all my great uncle's and aunt's and also all of my regular uncle's and aunt's (even daddy) and all my cousins......What a treat it was to lay down in this treasure. I couldn't stay in it long though, because I'm actually getting too big for it. When I tried to fall asleep my hands and arms kept bapping on the sides and it woke me up....So, off to the crib I went, but we had to get pictures of me in the antique bassinet. Thanks for saving it for me Grandma R.

Oh my goodness, I seriously don't know why Mama thinks it's so cute to put me in outfits with ears??? Doesn't she know that I have my own super cute ears???? Oh well, I guess I'll just have to indulge her for the moment. But here's the deal, once I turn 1 year old (which is just 11 days away) I will have to lay down the law and tell her to dress me in only big boy clothes!!! I hope she listens to me!!!

Christmas day must be over because I'm pooped (in more ways than one!!!) I love to snuggle and fall asleep at the end of a very fun day!!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year's Everyone!!!
Lovebug Hugs,
Little Bug, Daddy, Mama, Abbey (my dog) and Itty Bitty Bug (inside of Mama)

PS ~ I think Mama has more Christmas pictures from my celebration at Grandpa and Grandma-Nanny's house too, but we're waiting for them to send us copies from their new camera so stay posted, OK!!!!

Ok, Ok......More Pictures Are On The Way......

We have been celebrating Christmas at all of our families homes from Ferndale to Tacoma and we just made it home last night. We are all tired, but I promise to post Christmas pictures later on today. But for now I will say that we had a wonderful time celebrating Connor's first Christmas!!! What a miracle that we have our Little Bug to hold and to love this holiday season. We are all anxious to enter into 2007 with renewed hope and a renewed spirit of healing for Connor. I will sign off for now and we will post pictures this evening!!!

Lovebug Hugs,