Thursday, August 21, 2008

Call us Crazy....but we did it!!!!!!

Yep....that's right we did it....that is...we ALL went tubing on the Columbia River while camping at Confluence!!! I can hear it now....are they nuts!! Well, we probably are but life is too short Grandma would say.."wait for better weather" we gave it a shot and climbed in the tube and said HIT IT !!! And as you can see Connor is saying, "Look..No hands...piece of cake...can't you go any faster". However Daddy put the cabosh on going to fast cause he was worried about Mommy going into LABOR!!! AUGH. Yeah I know what you're all thinking....YOU GUY'S DID THAT AND LORI IS 7 AND A HALF MONTHS PREGNANT...and you took the WHOLE family out, at the same guy's really are nuts!!! But life goes on and like I always say...enjoy life while ya can! But just so you don't think we are totally irresponsible...Larry Lewis was our boat driver who was briefed throughly prior to the launch and the speed was held at a slow enough pace so as to avoid any danger whatsoever. There am I off the hook now?

Love Dad'll all be happy to know that Lori did not go into labor! (Thank the Lord)