Friday, February 02, 2007

Birthday Photos - Part II

Here's a great picture of my birthday poster. Thanks again Maryalis.....It's perfect!!!! Hey, I wanted to tell everybody about that cute little "Love Bug" on the righthand side of the poster. Months ago, my daddy's cousin Jill made me a card to wish me well on my recovery in the hospital. She designed this "Love Bug" on a homemade card and my Mama fell in love with it. It's now become my little mascot!!!! I was so happy that Maryalis had the talent to enlarge it bigger than life in my poster!!! Thanks everybody for their great efforts in making sure I had bugs surrounding me on my special day!!!!!!

Ok Daddy, let's go to church!!!! I'm getting dedicated today and I don't want to be late, so put the pedal to the metal dad!!!!!

Wow, look at all that great party food!!!! I can't wait until I can eat big people food!!!

This was called the "Bug Buffet"!! Mama had such things as Spiderific Apple Dippers, Bug Bait & Crackers, Grasshopper Salad, Ant's on a Log, Snail Wraps, Build Your Own Bug Beds, Inchworms in Jitterbug Sauce, Potato Bug Salad and Chocolate Covered Spider Legs....Just to name some!!!! How fun!!!

Mama and Daddy even made sure there was grass on the "Bug Buffet" for all the little critters that were standing close by!!! Oh yeah, and we had Beetle Bug Juice to drink. Yummy!!!!

Thanks for snuggling me Auntie Marsha while Daddy and Mama sang my special songs!!!!

There's Daddy getting ready to sing my song that he worte for me. We sang all 5 verses to the tune of Puff the Magic Dragon!!!! I love my song Daddy!!!!

Mama had to help Daddy out on the microphone because he doesn't like to sing in public.....Oh c'mon Dad, belt it out....I love the way you sing your silly songs!!!

I know, I know.....You were all waiting for the infamous cake-in-my-face picture, but I was so tired by this point, that I didn't even want to eat cake.......

Hopefully my 2nd Birthday I will smash cake all over the place!!!!!!

Thanks for a fun birthday Daddy & Mama!!!! I will remember it always!!!!

Lovebug Hugs,
Little Bug

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Believe me.....we're still here!!!! Look Below, Somehow Picture Blog Posted Below This One!!

I am having quite a time trying to upload ALL the birthday and dedication photos to blogger. Please continue to be patient. Sorry it's taking so long but I literally sat here for two hours trying to upload pics and then they all disappeared......AAAAUUUGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! On top of being crazy busy these past two weeks, now I have to contend with a persnikity computure. We are all doing great and believe me, I am trying to get these pictures up!!!!!

Night Night and Lovebug Hugs,

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Birthday & Dedication Photos - Part I

Here's Daddy and Mama praying for me at my dedication. I'm looking intently at my Pastor because he was praying that I would be a mighty man of God one day!!!

Here I am with Pastor Dan. I'm checkin' him out real good because I'm gonna have to listen to lots of sermons by this guy....Hey, I like it, I think I'm gonna be a preacher one day!!!!

I guess I'm pretty sleepy here, I actually fell asleep during my dedication ceremony....Ooops!!!

Mama and Daddy were really proud of me because I listened really good and I never cried during my whole dedication!!
This is my pastor's wife. Her name is Diane. I really love her a lot and she wrote me a very special song from a poem and she sang it at my dedication. She even took a whole bunch of pictures from my blog and put them up on the big screen at church while she sang my song. Everyone was crying, but I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Thank you Pastor Diane!!!

Look at my neat poster that was made by my very special friend Maryalis!!!! She's an artist and my mama gave her some examples of my favorite bug friends and she created this super cool poster for me. Thank you Thank you. I will treasure it always!!!!

Oh my goodness, I don't know what to do with all this attention!!!! Maybe I'll just suck on my fingers for a while!!!

Here I am with Uncle Bryan!!! He got to hold me for a long time at my party while Daddy and Mama were attending to all my other family members that were able to come to my party!! Thanks for the snuggles Uncle Bryan!!

Here's my bug cake that Mama made!!! Isn't it cool!!! There were even Ladybug Cookies that Mama said were a labor of love, but she made them anyway!!!

Look, here's my Grandpa Bruce, Grandma-Nanny RaeAnn, Grandma Ruberta and Grandpa John!!! They're all excited to go through my bug buffet line. Hope the food was good guys....I wish I could have eaten some of it!!!

There's that cake again. This is right after Mama finished it. It took her 5 1/2 hours just to do the cake. Here she is standing on the bar stools to get a picture of the whole thing. She even had to steady herself on the counter with her foot. Mama, c'mon, don't you know you're not supposed to put your feet on the counter....I'm sure you'll tell me that when I'm older!!! I'd at least think you would have painted your toenails if you were gonna show them off like this....Hee Hee!!! Just kidding Mama!!! Thanks for my cool cake!!
Look at me......I'm riding on my new snail rocker that Daddy and Mama gave me for my 1st Birthday. I love it. I can't play on it by myself yet, but I will. I'm getting stronger and stronger every day!!!!!
Well, here's the pictures from my party. This is just part 1. Mama is trying really hard to post more, but she's having a tough time on this computer. Hopefully she'll get more up in the next post.
Lovebug Hugs,
Little Bug