Friday, May 16, 2008

It's A Bright Sunshine Day!!!!

Hi Everybody!!! I'm feeling so much better and I'm having fun flirting with Mama!!!!
Enjoy the sunshine....We're headed to the park as soon as the Little Sweet Pea wakes up!

I know this picture is over a month old, but Mackenzie wanted to say hi to everybody too. Her shirt says "Everybody loves a blue-eyed girl!!! Mackenzie has 8 teeth now and her hair is growing every day....and she even has natural curls that are developing. I'll snap more pics later.

Lovebug Hugs,

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Silence isn't always golden...Here's an update!!!

I wish I could say that we have been having so much fun around here the past 2 months that we just haven't had time to post....unfortunately that has not been the case!!! Since our last post sick...sick...sick Little Bug has been SICK...SICK...SICK!!!!! We spent one week in and out of the hospital ER, doctor's appointments and tests...UUUGGGHHHH!!!!!! Connor was so sick and weak that we just couldn't figure out what was going on. He had constant diarrhea for nearly 3 weeks, he lost nearly 7 pounds and he had unexplained symptoms that left everyone baffled, once again. Randy was on a military mission for a good portion of the rough spots and we missed his support more than you can imagine. After much deliberation with Connor's doctor's and his GI specialist, they ordered a great deal of blood work and had us come to Children's Hospital for an Endoscopy to be done under sedation. Even in the toughest times Connor is a trooper and he did well with the invasions of medical technology. They were looking for signs of Celiac's Disease and Krohn's Disease as well as any other markers of an intestinal disorder. Praise be to the Lord that all of the biopsies did come back negative!!! His blood work also came back normal and the GI doctor told us just this past Friday that it was her opinion that Connor somehow got struck with a horrific intestinal virus that took nearly everything from him. She soberly told us that children just don't drop a third of their body weight in times like this and survive, so once again the Lord has had his healing and protecting hand upon Connor and upon his little body.

We had been concerned for weeks that two of his fingers on his right hand and become so swollen they looked like the Michelin Man!!! (So sad looking!!!) The specialists ordered blood work to look for early onset childhood arthritis, but once again, the tests were normal. Thanks be to God for saving us again from "just one more thing!" We will still be following up with a Rhumatologist, but at the moment it looks like we are safe from this diagnosis.

At the moment, Connor has gained back 3 pounds and he is still trying to catch up. They had to put him on another high powered calorie diet and a formula that is predigested so that his little system would accept the nutrition we are trying to give him. We had to stop regular food altogether and we are back to his continuous G-Tube feeds throughout the night as well as his 5 small meals (of formula) during the day. There are little nerve ending Villi in the opening to the small intestine that are damaged because of the virus that hit Connor. But, the good news is that if we give him mild and adequate nutrition, those Villi will completely regenerate themselves within about 6 months. So, herein starts another journey. One step forward, three steps back!! I can't tell you how happy I am to watch Connor play with his toys, make his happy sounds and smile and giggle again. We went almost 2 whole months with such a sick and weak little boy that sometimes he would just collapse and fall asleep. Now he is back to his normal, happy, healthy schedule and doing 150% better.

I'm sorry for not posting information or even a prayer request, but as you can imagine, it has really been crazy around here. Mackenzie celebrated her 1st birthday on April 2nd (she was sick too!!) and she is acting more and more like an independent one year old. She has taken 3 solo steps so far and then she realizes she's walking and she drops to the floor to crawl. We have a feeling that walking and running are right around the corner. She's talking all the time. We can officially understand Da Da and all the other babbles are a great story in the making.

Baby #3 is growing rapidly and all is well. Doctor says this is a happy, healthy baby and after the sequential screening that they had me do, looks like baby is just as typical as they come. We were so thankful to hear the news and put our silly fears to rest. Upon viewing the ultra sound two weeks ago, there was unmistakable evidence that this little Robertson will be a boy!!!! We were also thrilled at this news!!!

Despite being a bit tired due to circumstances and stress these last 2 months, I am feeling great. I had migraines for almost 2 weeks straight, but they have now subsided and I couldn't be happier that they are gone. Quite frankly, I think it had more to do with worrying about Connor than anything else.

Randy is doing well and leaving again on Monday for another 11 day military trip. He is busy with his squadron and trying to make good decisions on where he will be working after his military retirement date in late July. More than likely, he will be back with American Airlines, but he is still pounding the military pavement to see if there are any other flying squadrons he could get on with. He has been enjoying dog training again this Spring and our dog Abbey just passed her 1st senior hunt test last weekend.

Our families are all good and busy. My brother just returned home from his annual trip to Washington DC with his students. His family is doing well and I think everyone is anxious for summer vacation. Randy's brothers and sisters are all busy with their kids as well and in fact we were blessed with great news a couple of months ago that our sweet niece Kacey and her husband Dylan are expecting their first little baby in November. This was fun news for me because I have never gone through pregnancy with a close friend or sister, so now Kacey and I will have growing bellies through the summer months together. We just said goodbye to my folks on Mother's Day morning as they left for a 2 week trip to Israel. They were so thrilled to get this great opportunity and I'm sure they are having the time of their lives. Randy's folks just left our house a couple of hours ago as they were here overnight for a visit with our Uncle Harold and Aunt Sandy. We've had a great visit with them and we look forward to their trip back through town on Monday.

Well, how's that for a much overdue update. I know, your next question is, "Where's the pictures of the kids?" Well, to be honest, there hasn't been a lot of picture taking over the past couple of months, but I will try to at least dig up a couple and see if I can't post them a little later. I am just hearing the sounds kiddo's awaking from their naps....Man I wish naps lasted longer.

Anyway, thanks for all your comments, prayers and concerns the past weeks when I did not post. Never fear, we're always here, just maybe too involved with circumstances to get to the computer consistently.

Enjoy the ample amounts of sunshine I hear are headed our way here in the northwest the coming days. I know I am planning many trips around the park and OUT OF THIS HOUSE!!!!

Lovebug Hugs,