Wednesday, October 31, 2007

All Dressed Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All the Robertson's enjoying a little Halloween Fun....Connor was a Dragonfly, Mackenzie was a Sweet Pea and even Abbey joined in with a "Boo" bib and a "Bug" basket for treats!!!

Mama and Sweet Pea!!!

Hanging out at Grandpa and Grandma Nanny's house!!

Mr. Dragonfly looks tired........I think it might be time for this Little Bug to go night night!!!

Connor says, "But hey guys.....I'm a dragonfly....I want to fly!!!!!!!!!"

Oh sooooooo sweet and fuzzy!!!!!!!!

Is it necessary to have a leaf on my head???????????

"Do you people realize how hot it is in this thing???? When will Mama and Daddy figure out that I just like to be free and easy in normal clothes????"

Daddy and his little love!!!!!!!!!!

Mama hanging out with Connor havin' a little giggle time!!!!!

Daddy has to get some Little Bug lovin'!!!!!!!!!!

Daddy is soooooooooooo silly......He stole Connor's Dragonfly hat and tried to scare everyone....Boo!!!!

My silly boys!!!!!!!!!

Here's Connor standing up for his costume photo!!!!!!!!! I know, I know.....One day he really is going to kill me for dressing him up like this......But don't you agree, I just had to!!!!!!!!!!

Oh boy.....Mama says it's time for a costume change 'cause I'm tooooo hot!!!! My little onsie says "I'm so cute it's scary!"

The final result.......

Ahhhhhh....Little Bug's out of his costume and hanging out in his pumpkin onsie with his Grandpa Bruce!!

Two Lil' Pumpkins Pooped out and ready to go to bed!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Halloween & Lovebug Hugs,