Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Results Are In...

This afternoon the phone rang and it was Connor's doctor with the results of the lab test on his staff infection....Positive for MRSA. So, it's official, he definitely has it. Now that we know for sure, I will begin the tasks of washing bedding every morning, sanitizing all toys every night, and try to keep him quarantined from the other kids as best I can. He is still in good spirits, however the antibiotic has given him a terrible case of diarrhea. Poor little fella!!!

So far there are no other signs of it on him or anyone else, so that is positive. Since he is highly contagious the doctor urged me not to take him or even the other kids out around other people for at least 5 days, if not 10 just to make sure we don't spread any unwanted germs around. So, we're home bound once again.

I am desperately seeking signs of life and springtime anywhere I can find it and today, just outside my garage door I saw my first Hyacinth of season peeking her little head out...I think she will be a pale shade of yellow from what I can tell of her shell. Thank goodness for beauty in the midst of illness.

Thanks for your much needed prayers. Our spirits feel lifted although the burden of sickness remains. Just a quick update on our insurance situation that so many of you have asked about. Friday when I called the insurance company they told me that they had just sent out a letter dated Mar. 20th that our request for coverage had been denied. YIKES!!!!! The woman on the other end of the phone was both compassionate and efficient in her effort to help me come up with a different plan. She told me that she was also a Christian and the mother of a 3 year old and she couldn't comprehend that her company was going to tell me that I couldn't feed my little boy. She assisted me in coming up with procedure codes that may be authorized, but the final word will come in on Wednesday of next week. Please keep praying that we receive good news on this situation. I still cannot comprehend trying to come up with and extra 4K per month for Connor's enteral (feeding) supplies. "WITH GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE."

Lovebug Hugs,

Thursday, March 19, 2009

How I long for......

How I long for brighter days of sunshine and less days of dreary, grey rain. I also long for happier days where I can post fun updates about all the things the kids are doing and all the fun adventures we are on.

Unfortunately, today is not that day. I just returned home from the doctor with Connor and he has somehow contracted staff infection with a good chance he could have MRSA. He had been fighting an ear infection, that I thought was well under control until a couple of days ago when I noticed large sores in his left ear. They continued to become more red and irritated and so I took him into the doctor early this morning. The doctor was sure it was staff infection so we started an antibiotic. However, he also said that the appearance of the sores were consistent with the look of MRSA. He lanced one of the sores to get a sample to send to the lab to have it tested. We will know for sure by Saturday. If it is MRSA, then we will stop the antibiotic and start a specific drug that targets MRSA.

Needless to say we are praying that this is not MRSA. Our research indicates that MRSA can have tragic results, especially in children with a low immune systems and those who are medically compromised. I have promised myself to stop looking at the information until we know for sure, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't worried.

Connor is in great spirits and doesn't act like he's sick at all. He doesn't have a fever, which the doctor said was a really good sign. So, we will continue to pray for Little Bug's healing and we will pray that this will be a quick passing infection.

Lovebug Hugs to all,