Thursday, March 19, 2009

How I long for......

How I long for brighter days of sunshine and less days of dreary, grey rain. I also long for happier days where I can post fun updates about all the things the kids are doing and all the fun adventures we are on.

Unfortunately, today is not that day. I just returned home from the doctor with Connor and he has somehow contracted staff infection with a good chance he could have MRSA. He had been fighting an ear infection, that I thought was well under control until a couple of days ago when I noticed large sores in his left ear. They continued to become more red and irritated and so I took him into the doctor early this morning. The doctor was sure it was staff infection so we started an antibiotic. However, he also said that the appearance of the sores were consistent with the look of MRSA. He lanced one of the sores to get a sample to send to the lab to have it tested. We will know for sure by Saturday. If it is MRSA, then we will stop the antibiotic and start a specific drug that targets MRSA.

Needless to say we are praying that this is not MRSA. Our research indicates that MRSA can have tragic results, especially in children with a low immune systems and those who are medically compromised. I have promised myself to stop looking at the information until we know for sure, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't worried.

Connor is in great spirits and doesn't act like he's sick at all. He doesn't have a fever, which the doctor said was a really good sign. So, we will continue to pray for Little Bug's healing and we will pray that this will be a quick passing infection.

Lovebug Hugs to all,


Sky said...

Saying a prayer that it is not MRSA, thats not a one to get.... Hang in there sunny days are on the way :) Hugs Sheila

Junior said...

Praying that Conner does not have MRSA and he will be over this quick.
Spring is almost here
Hugs, Heidi & Junior

Heather Bennett said...

Hello my friend! So sorry the gray days are getting to you. We'll be praying for the infection to be a normal old infection with very quick healing. I know the fear MRSA brings to your heart. Lauren had it almost 2 years ago, right as it was hitting the news so much. I was panicked, but we caught it in time. I'll share more with you at another time, but know that I'm sympathizing with you and praying for immediate healing. Love you dearly!
PS there's a chance I might be in your neck of the woods for a few days next month. If so, maybe I can see you for an afternoon or evening??? Love ya!

Izabell said...

keeping Connor i our thoughts and prayers

Anonymous said...

we will pray for connor!