Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Latest!!!!!!!!!

Well, here's the latest...

The past 3 weeks we've been in a bit of upheaval!!! We had a leak in our hot water tank that caused damage to our main floor laundry room, bathroom, Randy's office and hard wood floor. We were removed from the house for 8 days while construction and repairs were done and we finally got to come home this past Monday evening. The repairs and the floor all look fabulous, but let me tell you, this was very poor timing for a home improvement project. We came home to piled up furniture in our kitchen and dining room, a layer of dust over the entire surface of the house and general chaos in the house!!!! Not really the picture of resting and nesting before baby #3 joins the family.

While we were away, we stayed with Lori's parents and they were a huge help with the kids. During that week my blood pressure went sky high and I ended up in the hospital for a good part of a day to do a non stress test on the baby. After a few hours on the monitor, it did come down nicely, but needless to say the doc put me on limited activity and lifting and mild bed rest. I'm now going weekly to the hospital for the non stress tests and blood pressure checks as well as my weekly apts. with my doctor. The blood pressure remains high, but it does mellow out when my activity level is low. So, with all said and done, my Mom decided to come home with us last Monday and she has been staying to help with everything...the kids, apts., cleaning...etc!!! She has been more than a God-send....she's been our lifesaver!!!

Randy is in his final weeks at the squadron before his military retirement ensues at the end of this month. He will then transfer his service to the inactive ready reserves (just in case he is able to find another flying job with another squadron...he's trying hard to leave his military options open!!) He will then be going back to American Airlines at the end of October and will be gone for training for about 5 weeks and then he's hoping to be placed on the 767 out of LA, CA. When he left AA 6 years ago he was flying the MD80 so he is really hoping to upgrade to the 767. We all have mixed emotions about his absence, but we have to at least give this option a try and see if it will work for our growing family. If it doesn't, then the Lord will have to give specific and quick direction as to which road we are to follow. These things are all heavy upon our hearts and minds as we prepare to welcome the new little guy!!!

The kids had been doing great until mid this week.......and then......BAD COLDS INVADED!!!!!!!! Connor came down with it first and is miserable, then Mackenzie woke up with it. They are both stricken with runny noses, cough, grumpiness, hoarse voices and an inability to sleep through the night!!!!! Aaaauuugggghhhhhh, not exactly the picture I was hoping for just days before the baby comes. I took Connor to the doc yesterday and I'm hoping that it is just a bad cold and it will be done within a week or so. Now the pressure is on for none of the adults to come down with it. Say your prayers dear blogger friends....say your prayers!!!!!

Friday was my doctor apt. and ultrasound and the baby looks good. At this point he is 6lbs 12 ounces and is developing right on track. The doc says if my water breaks we will obviously have the baby then, but if it doesn't we will plan to induce around the 23-25th. He couldn't do it on the 24th because he's taking his wife to the Neil Diamond concert.....isn't that hysterical. I'm glad I'm also a Diamond fan or I just might be irritated at this point in the game. The baby's pediatrician is going on vacation the 25th , so he's asking us to induce on the 23rd (which is my brother's birthday...nice present huh, Bryan??) and my doctor wants the 25th so we'll see who wins this battle. I'm certainly ready....with high blood pressure, puffy feet, legs and hands and overall just plain uncomfortable, I can't wait to have the baby. Currently I have dilated to about 2 1/2 for those of you who really like the details!!!

So, there it is in the proverbial nutshell. Say your prayers for us as we all feel like we're running on empty. Just about 10 days to go and then a different type of "busy" sets in. We'll keep you posted on the status of baby and we'll post more pictures of the kids soon. Thanks for all your prayers, encouragement and comments...they are always appreciated and welcomed with open arms.

Lovebug Hugs,
Lori and the whole gang