Monday, February 25, 2008

Here We "Grow" Again!!!!!!!!

Connor & Mackenzie are so excited and Daddy and Mama are a little surprised.....WHY???? Another Robertson baby is on the way!!! Pink or Blue, we don't know, but it's we "grow" again!!!! New baby is already a very special part of the family and he or she will join us sometime in early to mid October. Wow.....3 under 3!!!!!!!! Some might think we're crazy, we just think it's fantastic!!! So let your prayers begin to reach heaven for this new little bundle of joy. Our prayer is for a healthy, happy baby and an easy pregnancy for Lori. So far Lori is feeling great (just a little tired...but c''ve got to at least give her that!!!) and no morning sickness. We're just about 8 weeks along and we will definately keep you all posted on this most exciting news for our family. Thanks for celebrating with us as we enter another leg of our journey. It just keeps getting more interesting and exciting around here.

Lovebug Hugs,
Randy, Lori, Connor, Mackenzie and Itty Bitty Baby!!!