Friday, September 01, 2006

Daddy's photo gallery

Mommy holding littlebug....and as you can see not to many wires and tubes...YippieOk now its Daddy's turn...isn't he the most hansome little guy you've ever seen...Ok OK ...Daddy might be a little biased. Daddy's holds Littlebug so.....
Mama can take a break!Thanks Grams for the over night visit to allow Mom and Dad to go out to dinner and re-cage our gyro's!....that again is pilot lingo for getting our attitude straight and level and figuring out where we are going!!!
Auntie Heather stops by for visit.....Littlebug loves all this attention!!!

Lovebug hugs....Dad Mom and Littlebug

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

More of Dad's pictures!

28 Aug 2006....very proud parents of our Littlebug. Moving to the floor only 5 day's after open heart surgery. Connor proved himself to be quite a little figher!

.....we arrive at our new room on the 4th floor. No more ICU and those big needles!! Yippie

Mommy and Daddy setting up our new home...with a view no less!!!!

.....Ok maybe a little too quick on the draw.....but at least it's not pokes just prods...another EKG....and the ticker looks good!!!!

I caught Littlebug this morning hugging one of his many friends.......

......but he really likes to talk to Mr. Bee. And I don't know if you've recognized what Littlebug is doing????....but he is laying on his tummy and doing just fine!!!! Our littebug is doing great and he wanted me to personally thank each and every one of you for your prayers. Herman told him that God said he heard them all!!!!!

Lovebug Hugs......Daddy Mommy and Littlebug!

Littlebug's talk with Daddy

Littlebug was telling me that he'd be real good if I could get him out of ICU cause he's been getting tired of all those pokes Daddy being such a softy said OK......not much later and we were there!!!! Yippie!!!!! One step closer to home!!!

Lovebug hugs.....Randy Lori and Littlebug

ps....Lori's toe has been spared....amputation is no longer required....headache, well that's another story.

ps#2...I know Lori said in her post I'd send some more pic's.....and I will but.....oops they are still on the memory be patient OK

On the Floor.......

Hi everyone, Mama here!!! I jsut spent the past 1/2 hour catching up on all of Randy's GREAT blogs!!!! What a blessing it was to spend 2 whole nights at home. As always, my heart and mind are always with my guys, but at least my head was on my own pillow (which was nice becasue I battled a gigantic migrane the majority of my time at home.) I came back yesterday just in time to make the big move out of the ICU and onto the floor. Littlebug has a nice big, bright room all to himself and he seems to like it alot!!! His heart function is doing really well and he is starting to be ready to ween off the oxygen. We are still troubled by the many issues that seem to surround Connor's unique situation. We have many consults to be done with the lung docs, the GI docs, and the general surgeons. How we had hoped that some of these issues would resolve once his heart was fixed. Well, there is still major room for God to do more miracles in his little body and give him relief from his pain. "Lord, we extol you with great praise and thanks for what you have done. We pray for Connor that you would not turn a deaf ear to his pain and that you would find miraculous means to intervene in his situation. He is yours Dear Lord, and we ask you to continue working on his behalf to bring him to complete wholeness!! Amen"

Back to my boys.......Randy is going to post pictures later today!! Thanks honey, for the much needed break and for all your great posts. You've held down the fort well and I am forever grateful to have the best husband in the whole wide world!!! I love you sweetheart!!!! (Sorry bloggers for the mushy sentiment, but some things just have to be said!!!!)

Lovebug Hugs,
Lori, Randy & Littlebug!!!

PS ~ The toe is hanging in there......Not perfect, but not horrible either!!! Thanks for your prayers!!!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

It looks like the floor tomorrow!!!!!!!

Ok Dad has to make this a fast one.....Talked with the doc's this morning and it looks like we may be going to the floor tomorrow!!! Littlebug is doing very well!!! Lines and tubes are being pulled out at as fast as I can say "can we get rid of that one too" now you can see our little more "birds nest" of wires, tubes, probes and monitors burying him!!! Yeah!!! More to follow and I got some great pictures to stay tuned.

Lovebug hugs....Randy Lori and Littlebug!