Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Littlebug's talk with Daddy

Littlebug was telling me that he'd be real good if I could get him out of ICU cause he's been getting tired of all those pokes OUCH.....so Daddy being such a softy said OK......not much later and we were there!!!! Yippie!!!!! One step closer to home!!!

Lovebug hugs.....Randy Lori and Littlebug

ps....Lori's toe has been spared....amputation is no longer required....headache, well that's another story.

ps#2...I know Lori said in her post I'd send some more pic's.....and I will but.....oops they are still on the memory stick...so be patient OK


Bug said...

I Love the pic Randy, you and your Connor are so cute! He sure lvoes his daddy! Big Bug Hugs SHiela

Debi said...

The pictures is priceless...thanks for sharing he is one LOVED LITTLE BOY by MANY people and for some who have yet to me him in person....however think the world of him....

Bless all three (I mean four) of you!!!! take care


Anonymous said...

what an adorable photo, he just keeps getting cuter and cuter - that is Connor of course, sorry Randy! LOL