Tuesday, August 29, 2006

More of Dad's pictures!

28 Aug 2006....very proud parents of our Littlebug. Moving to the floor only 5 day's after open heart surgery. Connor proved himself to be quite a little figher!

.....we arrive at our new room on the 4th floor. No more ICU and those big needles!! Yippie

Mommy and Daddy setting up our new home...with a view no less!!!!

.....Ok maybe a little too quick on the draw.....but at least it's not pokes just prods...another EKG....and the ticker looks good!!!!

I caught Littlebug this morning hugging one of his many friends.......

......but he really likes to talk to Mr. Bee. And I don't know if you've recognized what Littlebug is doing????....but he is laying on his tummy and doing just fine!!!! Our littebug is doing great and he wanted me to personally thank each and every one of you for your prayers. Herman told him that God said he heard them all!!!!!

Lovebug Hugs......Daddy Mommy and Littlebug!


Anonymous said...

These are so much fun to look at and read the comments. I can not believe it would not hurt him to lay on the incision, he is truly amazing! Randy looks like the pro at moving while pushing that crib with the back pack on his back! You guys must have this whole thing down to a fine science........which reminds me Lori, You still need to write that book (in all of your spare time, HA HA) but don't put it off too long before little bugs twins come along LOL! Sorry, I probably should not tease about such a thing as twins. Anyway it is good to see all of you happy again and hopefully little bug will be to FULL recovery real quick.
We love you guys
Tammy and James

Debi said...

Your pictures are special as always...what a nice room you have and lots of windows the sunshine is to return soon....that will be fun...Lori I sure hope you toe is better and you head oh my ?????

Praise God for this recovery wow he looks so peaceful sleeping in his bed with his bugs!!!!

Blessing to all of you....
Hugs to your little bug


Debi said...

opps ok my spelling is a bit off I closed my fingers in my van door and have two splints on them so my spelling is a bit off I was trying to tell you I hoped YOUR toe and YOUR head were better....so sorry!!!!

Bless you....

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Oh, how I can't wait to get my hands on little bug. What a doll. He sure looks good for what he has been through. Lori, I wondered if you might have been home from the looks of things. You probably heard us come and go with the dogs - I hope we didn't disturb you. Abbey is just great and having a ball with Bailey. We are planning on leaving town on Friday evening for a week. I will stop at Randy & Christines and make sure they can take over during that time. After that we will be home for good! So, no worries about your four-legged friend. Lori, I also just keep coming back to seliacs (sp?) disease. My friend says it is a blood test initially. I just wonder if they have already checked for it or not. If not, I hope they could pursue it soon. .... Anyway, I am so sorry about your migraine - I suffer from those as well and I'm just gonna pray that God will keep that from happening again! Blessings to you, Rhonda

Aleaha Gregor said...

awwwww connor your so cute! i will continue to pray for blessing and a great recovery i am so excited he is looking very well!

Auntie Maureen said...

Hi Guys,
Look at those "delicious" chubby arms on Little bug!! Tummy time too--what a difference a surgery makes!! Yikes! I pray that things will continue on this road of success!! Love you all so much!
Hugs and Kisses,
Auntie Maureen

Bug said...

You guys all look GREAT! Im so very happy that things are looking good. I have to say I love the pic of Connor on his tummy, because you can see the baby chubs on his arm. Little chub rolls are so cute!!!! Way to go Connor we are so excited about how good your doing kido. Is Mr Bee the one from Sky? Sky got one too and he loves it!!! So when do you think you all will be heading home??? Soon??? Love Bug Hugs Sheila and Sky

Anonymous said...

I am so thankful Little Bug is doing better but we are still praying . God does not do things half way so we are praying for complete healing . I look at the pictures and I want to be able touch and kiss on that bug . He is so precious . God Bless

Emery six said...

Can it be? Are my eyes really telling me that LittleBug has a such a wonderfully chubby arm? Good for you, Bug, you're getting so big and healthy! We are so proud of you, what a strong and brave boy.

Susan Emery (and John, Steph, Robyn, John Jay and last but not least, Brent!)

Berck Family said...

we are so happy that connor is doing so well, what a true miracle from the Lord and an awesome blessing. He is strong just think how strong he will be in the Lord when he gets older:) we love you guys.

Aaron Amber Caleb and Isaac

Jackie said...

I'm so glad to hear that your little bug is doing so well after surgery. I continue to pray for his recovery.

Jackie Scott and Trevor

amy flege said...

i have been quite addicted to your site to keep an update on your littlebug. he is so lucky to have a mommy and daddy like you! i am still saying prayers for his recovery. what a tropper!

Anonymous said...

What great pictures and see Connor laying on his tummy! Amazing! Love the pictures of moving day. How exciting. We are praying for quick recovery for Connor so he can go home soon. We pray that the Dr's & nurses will say his recovery has been "beyond their wildest dreams"!!!!!
We love you guys!
Sue, Randy & family

wyndi steve and izabell said...

we are so happy connor isdoing so well and will continue to pray for him.
love wyndi steven and our izabell!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Days are here again! Okay, so I'm dating myself. We are so excited to hear of all the great progress Connor is having. Before you know it he will be home and snuggled into his own little bed for good. YEAH!!!! No more hospitals or sticks and pricks. We rejoice with you in the miracle God is giving. Maybe now Mommy can get the rest she needs to grow the new baby. And Connor can get some good rest to be the great big bro he's going to be.

Sweet Dreams!

LeeAnn Webb

P.S. If you want to see just a handful of the pictures from Staci and Michaels wedding you can go to our flicker sight.