Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Alexander Scott Robertson....Our Newest Shining (or should I say Shooting) Star!!!!!

Yes, it's true...The tiniest Robertson has arrived...Alexander Scott!!!!

23 days early Alex decided to make his appearance on the morning of a full moon. Who says there isn't something to that whole gravitational pull thing...Hee Hee!!! September 15th @3:52am he was born to two very surprised parents.

Just hours before we had been watching the funny new video release Baby Mama!!! How ironic!!! I went to bed at 10:30 feeling heavy with contractions but figured it was just par for the course for these last 2 weeks before being induced. At 11:05pm my water broke and then it was off to the hospital. Let's just say, that was off to the hospital after we packed our bags because that wasn't even done. We arrived at Auburn Regional Medical Center at about 10 minutes to midnight with contractions coming about every 2 and 1/2 minutes!!! I felt much more in control and focused this time around so the breathing exercises really helped out. After arriving at the 3rd floor birthing center we were checked into our room and I immediately began asking for the epidural. They said it would take a little bit of time because they had to place an IV and make sure I got one bag of saline solution in me before the anesthesiologist would even come in. So the race began for the epidural. I think I was more excited for pain management than I was for the arrival of Alex.

And so the breathing race began and I was doing well managing each contraction knowing that if I could make it through the next hour, I would probably get some relief with the epidural. Whew...the bag of saline solution was complete and the anesthesiologist was on her way....Yippee!!! She walked in the door with all of her tools of the trade and she began the process. I couldn't believe all the things happening at once. Mind you the contractions don't stop so I was trying to breath through those at the same time the blood pressure cuff was going off every minute and the nurse was reading off the numbers to the doctor to make sure I was in a good place for the insertion of the needle. Then, it happened.....that big needle was entering my spine and I could feel the weirdest tickles in my lower back and it started to freak me out. I was calm and collected but freaked out on the inside. My left leg went immediately numb and I thought for sure something had gone terribly wrong because I could feel my right leg but not my left. I thought for sure they were going to have to do it again, but then then the doctor said, no it will eventually get numb....Don't Worry (yeah right......I'm a woman in labor and you're telling me not to worry!!!!!) It was about that time that the doctor said they were going to try a test dose of the medication....all seemed to go well, so they taped me up and laid me back down on the bed. No sooner was I laying down and the epidural drip had started that my blood pressure plummeted to a startling 52 over 40....I was in panic as they scuttered around to get me oxygen and epinephrine to get my blood pressure back up. It was a moment of reckoning as I literally felt my body rise above the bed and I could literally see Randy sitting off in the corner and I was pleading with God...Don't take me now!!! Then, they couldn't find the baby's heartbeat and I was sure they were going to wheel me off and do a C-Section. I was seeing spots, hearing bells and then it all settled down.....I could answer questions and the drama was over. I know it was probably only about 5-8 minutes of panic, but I was not prepared for the epidural to be the most hair-raising moment of the morning. Randy was finally able to come by my side and hold my hand and that brought me the greatest relief of the morning. As we talked, he admitted that he, too, had a moment of panic where he asked the Lord not to take me now. So we were both thinking the same thing at the same moment.

The nurses began monitoring my contractions a bit more closely as they were becoming increasingly intense. And then the moment arrived, I dilated from a 5 to a 10 within ten minutes and it was time to have Alex.....but the doctor wasn't there yet, so the nurses kept saying, "Oh, just breathe through those contractions and we'll have a baby as soon as the doctor gets here." "But, but, but I have to push NOW!!!!!" And thankfully, the doctor walked in and said, "OK Lori, show me that baby...." 1 push then 2 and he was delivered, 3:52 am. Alexander Scott Robertson....6 lbs 7.9 ounces and 18.5 inches long. Just a little peanut!!!! He has dark hair just like his sister did and a little button nose just like his big brother and big sister.

We were discharged on Tuesday morning and were home by noon!!! What a whirlwind for not even expecting to deliver until late next week. I must be honest, I am relieved and so happy that Alex is here safe and sound, but my body is going through a lot. I wasn't expecting to feel so incredibly sore, weak and in pain. Alex is nursing well, but the contractions that come when he does and the cramping that go along with it are, at times, unbearable. Continue to say your prayers for a quicker bounce back than I am currently experiencing and more rest. With the other two, I felt pretty good a few days in, but this is different for sure. The nurses, family and friends all tell me that after #3, recovery is much more difficult. So, we remain in prayer for strength and energy to enjoy our growing family.

Randy is doing great and enjoying the new little bundle of joy. The kids are both responding quite well to their new little brother. They have been gentle and loving (so far) and it's been a joy to watch them around baby Alexander. They are both still sick with colds, so that presents it's challenges and now Mackenzie is about to sprout 2 or 3 new teeth at the same time.

Grandma-Nanny, Lori's mom, is with us and is helping out with so much. She has been such a trooper with us and the kids, we couldn't be more grateful to her!!!

I am going to try to post a picture here so you can see little Alexander.

We will continue to post as we find strength and energy. Thanks again for all your prayers!!!

Lovebug Hugs,
Randy, Lori, Connor, Mackenzie and Alexander