Thursday, June 04, 2009

Say it isn't so........

This has to be short and sweet because I am typing one-handed. OK, let me explain...briefly! We had a wonderful time in Maui and it was just the relaxation and fun that the doctor ordered!! What the doctor didn't order was the hand injury that I came home with. I was snorkeling one day (toward the end of the trip) and found myself being dangerously tossed into the reef by the crashing waves and changing currents....when all was said and done I got cut up by the coral reef and my hand got smashed into a black sea urchin. I had 117 quills/spines in my left hand. I had one night in the ER in Maui and 3 doctors appointments back home and it's not getting better. The swelling has increased in my left pointer finger and the hand is now in a cast. I saw an orthopedic surgeon today and the final verdict is surgery. I go in tomorrow at 10:30 am for full sedation and hand surgery to remove the major culprit in the tendon center of my hand and to repair the damage. I'll be down for about 3 days with pain meds and then in a cast for 10 days or so.

We are hopeful that everything will heal quickly and I can get back to the business of being a wife and mommy soon. Randy is taking a little time off to be home with me and the kids and Grandma Nanny will be close by as well.

Will post with updated info soon. Thanks in advance for your prayers!!!

Lovebug Hugs,

PS ~ The snorkeling was fabulous and I had the chance to swim with turtles....Too fun!!!!!