Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

Little Bug and Mama wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!! We miss all of our family today but we know that next year will be different and we won't have to worry about sickness all the time. We especially miss Daddy today (and every day) and we wish him an extra special Thanksgiving at Hickam AFB in Hawaii.

Daddy, Look what you are missing!!!!!!!!!!! Don't worry, we'll do this all again when you come home!!!!

Oh my goodness.....Look at that plate below.....I think Mama forgot that I'm just a Little Bug.....How am I ever going to finish all that food?????????????

Oh silly me.........That's for Mama......You know she's eating for two!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm overwhelmed by all the new things I've tried today.....I loved the mashed potatoes and gravy.....Yummy...I wasn't sure about the dressing.......I definately do not like crandberries.....and Mama wouldn't let me try the green bean casserole....she says that's all for her......."What a piggy", I thought!!! Hee Hee...............Ok, I'm going to take a little rest now after such a big Thanksgiving Feast!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a happy day!!!!!!!!
Lovebug Hugs,
Little Bug and Mama

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

2 Weeks Home & Doing Great!!!!!

I'm having so much fun in my new high chair!!! I can sit for 45 minutes playing with my toys 2 times a day. Mom & Dad say this is good exercise for keeping my head up, but I just think it's fun to play!!!

I especially like to sit in the kitchen and watch Mama cook.....I even watched Daddy make breakfast one morning when Mama was at the doctor checking up on my new brother or sister....It was funny to watch Daddy put all kinds of veggies in the Vita Mix and try to make an omlette...He says it's really good for him, but I could tell by the look on his face when he ate it that he likes Mama's omlettes better!!!! Hee Hee....

I seriously do not know why Mama thinks it's fun to take these kinds of pictures.....I wasn't sure about wearing Daddy's hat......especially after he had just worn it pheasant hunting......Hey Dad...What's that smell anyway????

Ok, all better now...Mama just gave me all kinds of kisses and I was smiling ear to ear, but I'm really sneaky when the camera comes out.....I stop smiling!!!!!!!!! Anyway, Mama loves this picture and says if you look at my beautiful eyes too long you just might fall in......She says I have eyes as blue and big as the ocean!!! Ok, I guess I am pretty cute.....Keep looking and if you happen to fall in, don't worry, I'll save you!!!!!

Ok, I'm pooped's time for me to go night night......I have to get lots of sleep because tomorrow is my very first Thanksgiving!!! Mama and I are going to hang out and lay low at home so I don't get sick. Mama promised me she would cook turkey, mashed potatos and gravy and of course, green bean casserole!!! I hope she lets me taste some of it!!! Oh c'mon, who are we kidding....Mama will give me anything if I ask for it.....I think I might have her right where I want her.....Hee Hee!!!!

Thanks for all your prayers....I'm going for my record of being home longer than 3 weeks at a time. I've got another week to go, and I'm doing great.......No more hospitals for me....only visits to my favorite ICU nurses and doctors!!!

Lovebug Hugs & Thanksgiving Kisses,
Little Bug

PS ~ Daddy I miss you sooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!! Mama talks about you all the time but she doesn't nibble on my knee caps like you do. Please come home soon, my knee caps miss you and I miss hanging out with you too!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving Daddy! I am thankful you are my daddy!!!!!