Friday, October 26, 2007

Pictures As Promised...And Lots Of Them!!!!!

I know it has been some time since I last posted a good number of pictures. Well, for those of you who are our faithful followers, family and friends....Here you go. Our latest adventure was to the pumpkin patch with the kids (who are still sick, but we thought the nice warm, fresh air would do them good). Enjoy the pics!!! The remainder of the post has a smattering of pictures from the past couple of months that I hadn't made time to post yet. Have fun peering into our little world!!!

Little Bug and Sweet Pea with the pumpkins.

Mackenzie, are you standing up????

Uh Oh.....Little Bug is beginning to melt down....

Daddy and Little Bug at the petting zoo...

Daddy and his best girl....(except for Mommy!!!)

Ohhhhhhh......So cute!!

Mama and her favorite 'lil pumpkins!!!!

A family pumpkin portrait!!

"Hey Dad, Is the Great Pumpkin from Charlie Brown here???"

Uh Oh....Another meltdown with Little Bug!!!!

"Well....I think we should really talk about that crying brother of mine. Don't you think he could be a little quieter.....I mean, c'mon, I'm trying to have a photo shoot!!"

Ok, now that's better.....Here's a smile for ya!!!!

"Great....I think I'll take this one! Can we buy it Dad? Pleassssssssseeeee?"

"What if I just stand here and be really cute????? Then can we buy it?????"

"Now Connor, You stay right here and smile so we can take your picture, OK?" "Well Dad, I don't think I'm gonna smile, but I'm gonna think about it!!!"

"See, I told you I was gonna think about it!!!"

So many friends and family have asked about those purse cakes that I constructed last weekend for our church girlfriends event....Well, here they are. They really did turn out cute, if I don't say so myself.

Mama with her friends Susan and Shawn at the Girlfriends event.

Little Miss Mackenzie trying to drink out of a big girl cup......I mean an adult glass!!! She thought it was pretty fun to feel the glass on her lips....She even got to taste fresh pressed apple cider that Daddy made in Wenatchee. Yum-Oh!!!!!!!!!!

Daddy and Abbey on their hunting trip in Twisp, WA.

Ahhhh, My wonderful, rugged, hunting guy!!!!!!!!!!! Gosh, I love this man!!!!!!!

Daddy pressing homemade apple cider in Wenatchee, WA with Uncle Harold, Aunt Sandy, Cousin Wayne, and Kaitlin and Sydney.

Daddy picking apples to bring home so Mama can make fresh applesauce. He even picked pears from the family orchard in Dryden and Mama is going to attempt to make pear sauce too.

Our cousin Brayden with the Fireman and the Firetruck at the Skagit Co. Buddy Walk in Mt. Vernon.

Grandpa and Grandma-Nanny Milliren at the Skagit Buddy Walk.

Uncle Bryan and cousin Bergen at the Walk!!!

Ronald McDonald even showed up at the Buddy Walk in Mt. Vernon. He had all the kids laughing and dancing.

Mama and our friend Ian at the Buddy Walk. Ian was Little Bug's roommate in the ICU at Children's during the late summer of 2006. Ian is doing great and is going 3 days a week to preschool. Way to go Ian....We love you!!!!!!!!!!

The Skagit County Buddy Walk Gang!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks everyone for walking to support Little Bug and all people with Down Syndrome.

Little Bug playing with his toys!!! You can tell this was a day that he was sick with the croup. Poor thing was pale as a sheet!!!

"Hey.....What's this stringy, sticky stuff Mama put all over my tray????? I think they want me to eat it!!!"

"Yeah, I don't think so guys!!!!!!!!!" Oh well, we tried!!!!

Daddy, Mama and Mackenzie with Pastor Mike at Grandpa and Grandpa Robertson's church in Ferndale for Mackenzie's Dedication. You might not be able to see it really well, but Mackenzie is dressed up in the same dedication outfit that Mama wore 37 years ago. The same dress, slip, socks, bib and bonnet. The shoes were a gift from special friends!!!! She looked adorable!!!

Bellingham's Buddywalk Beauty!!!!

Mama & Little Bug making their way through the 1st mile of the walk.

Daddy and the Bug-a-boo doing the final leg of the walk.

Grandma's are the best!!!!!! All of Connor's grandparents came out despite the weather to walk for Connor!!!! We are all so blessed!!

There we are...Connor finally woke up for the final steps of the walk. This was taken right before we got to the finish line!

Here are a handful of Team Little Bug members.... You can see they all are wearing signs on their backs.

There the go...Team Little Bug....FYI...At the Bellingham Walk Uncle Loren and Aunt Kathy came in first with some other kids and at the Skagit Co. walk our friend Teacher Kerry came in first with her dad for Team Little Bug....Yippeee!!!!!!!!!

Mama and Little Bug with the Big Buzzing Bee!!!!

Mackenzie having a snuggle moment with Auntie Shawn...Ahhhh!!!

Daddy and his sweatshirt kiddos....."Hey Mackenzie....Are you sucking on your brother's toe?"

Yup....I guess that would be a yes!!!!

So relaxed with Daddy after a walk around the park!!!

Daddy, Mama and Mackenzie when she was dedicated at our church with Pastor Dan. This was the Sunday that Grandma-Nanny Milliren was in the hospital so none of the family was able to attend. This is why we had her dedicated twice.

Spinning pretty as a ladybug on her tummytime toy....Would you believe shes already outgrown this? Where does the time go?????????

Connor says, "I am not going to smile......No, I am not going to smile at all!!" Mackenzie says, "Fine! Then I'll do all the smiling for you!!"

Connor says, "Geezzze.....You always steal my thunder!!!!!!!!!!!"

Ok, here's the deal.....Let's just both be cute......OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, it's settled.......Cute as can be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed a little window view into our life!!!
Lovebug Hugs,