Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sorry folks I've been busy exercising!!

OK OK....I know I've got to get on Mommy and Daddy to blog more often but they've been very busy and so have I.....excercising that is!!! They call this "tummy time" and I love it, see how I can hold my head up. I guess I got kinda weak spending so much time in the hospital flat on my back! But don't worry about me cause Mommy and Daddy are on the rampage about getting me up to speed...nautilus equipment here we come!!!! AUGH!!!!
whew..... finally a break...... its so nice to have visitors....like my Aunt Kathy J....she reads books to me and loves on me so much, I think I like that better than all that excercise stuff!!!! Aunt Kathy can you come to visit me again...like TODAY????

.....well you can guess what just happened .....Aunt Kathy just left and Poppa got a hold of me!!! So it's back to workin on the neck thing again...why cant' we just work on "ice cream scooping" instead????? My Daddy gets these hair brain ideas all the time and this is one of his new contraptions but I guess its working so way ta go Pop!!! ...but can ya start the movie now!!!!!!

Lovebug hugs.....Littlebug

oh yeah...Mommy and Daddy said HI too!!!!