Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Still Holding On........

It has been close to 3 weeks that we have all been sick around here. Yesterday, Lori went to the doctor with a whole new set of symptoms.....Diagnosis......Sinus Infection!!!! Uuuugggghhhh....I honestly can't believe that we are not well yet. Thankfully Randy is feeling 90% better and Connor is on the mend. The doctor gave me amoxicillin to attack the infection so I am hoping to really feel better in a couple of days. We want so badly to experience the fun and exciting days of newborn times with Mackenzie, but unfortunately we are just surviving around here. I know we need to post more pictures, but quite honestly, we haven't taken any. I do promise that we will get on top of this and become more normal, but today is not that day!! Mackenzie is doing well, but she is exhibiting a great deal of fussiness and sleeplessness at night. We are praying that this turns around soon. So, we are still holding on to our sanity, but some days it feels like it is just by a thread. Thankfully, we know that this too shall pass!!!!

Connor had his synagist shot today to ward off RSV. He is such a trooper, he didn't even cry this time. The nurse said, "I don't know how you guys have raised him to be such a good boy, but I have never seen a child react so happily to a yucky shot like this before." I was so proud of him!!! If I could have, I would have taken him out for Ice Cream as a special treat!!! Speaking of ice cream or food in general for that matter, we have a special request. We are trying desperately to transition Connor from his feeding tube to eating by mouth. We want so much for him to enjoy food in his mouth and understand the connection of eating and feeling full so that he can get rid of this feeding tube and backpack. Now that he is becoming more mobile with rolling over, the backpack is becoming quite cumbersome and quite frankly, a danger too. We worry that he is going to pull the tube out completely and hurt himself. Last week we had to take him to his feeding tube doctor and we came up with a plan to give him more pureed food through his tube. This way he is getting more calories and his stomach is getting used to digestion, but we haven't addressed the issue of eating by mouth.

Connor has 2 wonderful therapists that work with him. One for physical therapy and one for oral therapy. We really want to be aggressive in this area, but we also know that Connor has developed some oral aversion that we have to conquer. Here in lies our request. We know that God has a special interest in Connor. He has answered so many prayers for our Little Bug and has intervened to save his life on numerous occasions. So we know that this is not outside of the realm of possibility for our God to answer this prayer for Connor as well. We know that God wants the best for Connor just like we do and that he can heal this eating issue. We would ask that you would join with us in praying for Connor to make strides with his eating. We are specifically praying that he would tolerate volumes of food instead of just tastes of food.

To many of you this may seem like a silly request because you have never dealt with a feeding tube before, but let me tell you, it is a BIG DEAL!!!!!! Each step that we take to getting Connor more normal in his behaviors is such a victory to him and to us. Thanks in advance for your support and prayers for this issue. We know that we have a big God and we trust that He can do this for Connor. We are looking forward to sharing the good news of answered prayer in this area soon.

Lovebug Hugs,