Thursday, July 17, 2008

Are you kidding me is right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If any of you have looked at the comments on the previous post you will notice my dear friend Amy's comment...."Are you kidding me"....So, she was right......I need to sit down for a moment and post a new message. Amy, this one's for you!!!!!!!!!!!

It seems as of late, that I start out all of my posts with an apology of why it's been so long since I posted. It really is amazing to me how quickly the hours in the day fly by around here. Actually, the truth is, at the end of the day I feel like it just snapped on by and I can't believe it's over and it's time to recharge and do it all again the next day. But at times during the day it feels like we are in some kind of alternate reality where we spin, suspended in motion and time doesn't move. I must admit, I don't understand the clock of motherhood.

With that being said, things are moving right along here in Robertson land. Busy...YES! Hectic....Yes! Hot.....Yes! So there we are in a nutshell..Busy, Hectic and Hot!!! Hee Hee!! To be frank, this Spring and early Summer have been difficult with sickness. It seems that our Little Bug has just not been able to catch a break. It started before Easter with the "unidentified sickness" which turned out to be a horrible intestinal virus. We then started to work on gaining some of his weight back (he lost over 8 pounds!!! Yikes!!) and then he came down with a cold and ear infection. After the round of antibiotics his ears seemed better, but he just has not been able to kick the sniffles, runny nose, coughing and irritability. Poor little thing. He tries so hard to be his happy little self and then he coughs so hard he blows snot bubbles......Uuuugggghhhh!! What's a mom to do except wipe the nose, give snuggies and kisses and wait 10 minutes and do it again. He is still struggling through whatever this is. His doctor seems to think it's time for him to see his ENT doctor and be checked for Adenoiditis. So the appointment is set, but we can't get in until Sept. 8th. So until then, we will weather the storm best we can and hope for more good days than bad days.

On other notes, Connor has started a new NDT program, which stands for Neuro Developmental Training. It seems to be an excellent therapy for him, and they are specifically working on muscle strength for standing and walking. He is responding quite well to the new therapists that are working with him, but you can tell he is exhausted after these therapy sessions because of how much they work his little body. The course meets 4 days per week, once a month for an hour and it will continue until December. We are hoping for great results from this program as it certainly is a huge commitment to attend all of the sessions. Connor is also doing his physical and oral therapies once per week on Wednesdays and he is on a waiting list for a pool therapy program that we hope to start soon.

The first of July Connor had an appointment with his cardiologist in Tacoma and he was really pleased with what he saw. He had an Echo and the results were completely uneventful, which is great!!! His heart function is near normal, exactly where they expected it to be and we got another 12 month bill of heart health. Next year when we go back, if things are still the same, then we will get an 18 month break and then after that it will be every 5 years. Boy is that ever great news. I never thought it would be possible that it's actually his heart that is doing the best!! Praise the Lord for miracles and answered prayer.

Little Miss Mackenzie has had a few issues of her own, like teething and sniffles, but nothing that a little Tylenol can't handle. She is officially all over the place. She is walking, running, climbing and getting into everything. She babbles all the time and says a handful of words that we can recognize. She plays the "How big is Kenzie" game and "Peek-a-boo" and puts her hands on her head for Uh-Oh. She's teaching her brother a lot about the stealing toys and pulling hair....All things typical for siblings!!! Mackenzie is such a joy to watch and she really is great with Connor.

Randy has been gone a lot with military trips so that is always hard. I am so grateful for his hard work but also always anxious to see him come home. He is due back from another trip late this weekend and then we will be packing up to head east of the mountains for our annual Robertson Family camping trip to Wenatchee,WA. This will be our first time back there since 2 years ago when Connor was life-flighted back to Children's Hospital (Oh, that's a day I will never forget). We are hoping for a good and uneventful trip as this will really be the kids first camping trip.

I am officially in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy and feeling all of the normal woes.....tired, hot, huge, and ready to have this baby. Doctor seems to think that baby will come end of September so that is what we are planning for. So, just about 9-10 weeks to go and our new little bundle will officially join the family. As many of you already know, the baby is a boy, so I have been busy with moving Connor out of his room and transitioning our guest bedroom into the "boys" room. I have the painting done and all of the moving and creative touches will come once we come home from camping. Once the boys room is done, then Mackenzie will be moving into her brother's old room and I'll be giving it a girly makeover. I'm trying to be done with everything by the end of August so I'll have a few weeks to just prepare for baby and keep up with the family.

Whew...that was a lot of info, but I realized I haven't done that in a while. Forgive my lack of posts, but I'm just hoping that those of you who are parents understand the busyness of family life and the lack of time for personal moments to do things like posting on the blog. I guess I value sleep more than anything these days, so when the kids go down, I really try to go to bed as well.

We all hope that everyone is doing well and having a great summer. We have had such beautiful weather the past couple of weeks it truly does feel like summertime. After all the rain we had, I was beginning to wonder if we'd ever get a summer, I guess I was wrong. If we wait patiently, all things really do turn around.

At the moment we are specifically praying for a few things if you would like to join and agree with us. First of all that Randy would get another set of active duty orders, even if it's just for 31 days so that we can reset our medical insurance. As of now, we will be out of medical coverage at the end of September....right when baby comes. If he can get reset on his orders, we will at least get another 6 months of medical which will be perfect for Connor's needs and the new baby. Secondly, we are praying that Connor would experience good health and we could figure out what is making him not feel good or what is preventing him from feeling better. Thirdly, we are still praying these 3 things for Connor...Steps, Words and Bites!!!! Simple to some, but HUGE for Connor. Mobility, Communication and Nutrition by mouth are critical to his development, so we want to see him succeed in all of these areas and we are doing everything humanly possible to help him, but it really is time for the Lord to intervene and give Connor yet another miracle. Fourthly, we are praying that Mackenzie would transition nicely with the new baby. She has become accustomed to having a lot of attention and playtime and we want to see her accept the baby. Lastly, we are praying for a healthy delivery of the new baby and an easy transition from 2 kiddo's to 3!!!! I know that's a lot to pray for, but if the Lord were to impress even one of our requests onto your heart, we would greatly appreciate your support in prayer. We know we serve a big huge God and nothing is too difficult for him. We've seen that in the past and we trust it for the future as well.

Well dear friends I hear the munchkins in the background so I must attend to them now. I trust this update finds all of your families in good health and we would love to hear comments from you again. I know it's been my fault for not posting, but I'm back on the blog now and hope to be more consistent.

Lovebug Hugs,

PS ~ I know you've all been waiting for here are a few photos from Father's Day you'll enjoy!!!!!

Swing time with Daddy and Mama after lunch on Father's Day. This is the park that is right down the walking path from our house. The kids love to go swinging!!!!

There's nothing sweeter than contimplating life with Daddy!!!

Hey Daddy, I love you....Happy Father' Day!!! Little Bug

Daddy and his two little bundles of love. (Miss Mackenzie is quite the stoic in this picture....not the normal expression for her, but she does have a mind of her own!!!)

Believe it or not, this is Connor opening up his mouth to the first strawberry from our little garden patch in the back yard.....Way to go Connor...Now you just have to learn to eat them.

Mackenzie showing off her stair climbing abilities....She is so fast up those stairs......

This was a gift that the kids gave Randy for Father's Day!!!

Another gift for Randy from the kids.....Below is a close up so you can read the words....and yes, those are Daddy's hands. It was unavoidable....I had to pose it!!!!!

How cute it is to see my boys being silly!!!!

Daddy, you're tickling me!!!! I like it though, please don't stop!!!!

Oh so serious....

But not for long......Here's a little bug smile to make your day......
Bye, Bye everybody. Thanks for stopping by to watch me grow!!!

Lovebug Hugs from all of us!!!!!!!!