Monday, November 24, 2008


Hi everybody...thanks for stopping by to say hi and see our family!!
Enjoy the pictures that Mommy posted. It's been a while so some of them are old, but at least you can get caught up on how we're doing. Enjoy!!!

Connor and Daddy on his first day of pool therapy. Get ready Connor, you're gonna have a blast.

Daddy and Connor and our pool therapist, Erica. We're playing the kicking game. Erica is getting my "kickers" warmed up.

Erica says, "Ok Connor....1, 2, 3" and I jump into her arms in the pool. Soooooooooo Fun!!!

Daddy helps Erica with my kickboard exercises. They're fun because I get to splash!!

Splash, Splash, Splash!!!!!

Hey Alex, would you like a drink of my water???

"I do my own stunts" Such a cute gift for Alex from Uncle Gary and Auntie Lynette. Thanks guys!!

Playing in the dirt with Daddy!!! He lets me get a lot dirtier than Mama does. I love dirt!!

Uh-oh....someone's in the dog house!!!

Eating dirt is fun....really it is. Don't worry, I'm just getting a little extra iron in my diet. Mama is mortified, but Daddy loves a dirty girl!!!

Oh what fun. Let's do this again tomorrow Dad!!!

Alexander just 3 days old.....Where did the past 8 weeks go??

Hey, who's that in Kenzie's dolly buggy??? Oh, I guess that's Alex. What a fun toy he is in the family.

Connor standing up in his new big boy room that he shares with his brother. This was taken the first night we were home from the hospital with Alex.

Mackenzie loves putting her pop beads on her cheeks. What a silly girl. She's getting her first cheek hickies....they better be her last! Hee Hee

Saying goodbye to Daddy at the airport when he left for training.

Ok Daddy, we'll see you in a month. Have fun in Dallas and come home quick!!!

3 generations of the Robertson boys!!!

Alex was a little cow for Halloween. Got Milk is so appropriate.

Connor wearing his "Super Suit"! It helps his posture and balance. What a cutie!!!

Pumpkin patch pictures.....Soooooooooo Big!!!!!!!!

Hey Mom, I like this flower best!!!

I don't know what you people think is fun about this pumpkin patch....It's cold and these big orange things are cold and hard....I want my Mommy!!!

I've got the best smile of the bunch!!

Getting my zzzzz's before we leave for the pumpkin patch.

Starting to smile....Ahhhhhhhh

I'm getting bigger everyday.

Hi Daddy.....I miss you. Come home soon, OK!!!!

Our little peanut!!!

Our little fashionista!!!!

Mom, I thought we had the talk that I don't like to wear hats????

All right, I'll be a good girl and wear it....but only for 10 minutes...GOT IT!!!!

See you later....Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Come back and visit us again soon.
Lovebug Hugs,
Connor, Mackenzie and Alex