Thursday, January 11, 2007

1st Birthday but not feeling so good...maybe the cake will help?

Daddy and Little Bug getting ready to blow out birthday candles....

Ok Son, here we go........ Ready, Set..................

BLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Harder Connor, Harder!!!!!

After a bit of a meltdown Little Bug decides to try his cake and ice cream....

Ok, So I guess he doesn't like it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Taking a rest after freaking out over the birthday cake and ice cream..........

Poor, pathetic Little Bug on his 1st Birthday......I hope we have better luck at his birthday party next Sunday!!!!!

Little Bug is loved by so many......Thank you for all the cute and wonderful cards!!!!!!!!!!

Lovebug Hugs,
Daddy, Mama and Little Bug

PS ~ He's still feeling absolutely miserable, so it's no wonder he didn't enjoy his cake and ice cream!!!!! Hopefully a better day is in store for tomorrow!!!!!

Happy 1st Birthday Little Bug!!!!!

It's official (well, actually not until 9:51pm, but who's counting) Little Bug turns 1 year old today. He's miserable, however. He has an awfull cold that is definately taking its toll on him, and me too!!! I'm hoping for some moments this afternoon where he is in good spirits so I can snap some birthday photos of him. At this point I haven't, because who really likes their picture taken when they can't stop sneezing. Cold or no cold, we love him so much and are so proud to celebrate this day away from the hospital (keep your fingers crossed and your prayers going up!) If I get a little bit of sleep today, I will post more later on as I have been quite reflective through the night and this morning over the past year of Connor's life. All I can say for the moment is thank you so much for your enduring perserverance to pray for us over the last 12 months. I know we wouldn't be where we are today without the miracles that each of your prayers produced for us and especially for Little Bug!!!

Happy Birthday Son, I love you!!!!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Little Bug's Getting Ready To Celebrate Being 1!!!!

We simply can't believe that tomorrow will mark Connor's first birthday. What a year it has been for this little guy!!!! We are so proud of where he's come from and the progress that he has made. He, however, will be celebrating his 1st birthday with a bad cold. Sniffles, sneezes, coughs, water eyes, horrible diaper rash, the whole nine yards. What a bummer!!!! Good thing we're holding off on the big family celebration for a little while. He's been pretty clingy the last couple of days and very high maintenance as well. Other than that, things are good at the Robertson house. I will post tomorrow for Connor's birthday!!!

Lovebug Hugs,