Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday Little Bug!!!!!

It's official (well, actually not until 9:51pm, but who's counting) Little Bug turns 1 year old today. He's miserable, however. He has an awfull cold that is definately taking its toll on him, and me too!!! I'm hoping for some moments this afternoon where he is in good spirits so I can snap some birthday photos of him. At this point I haven't, because who really likes their picture taken when they can't stop sneezing. Cold or no cold, we love him so much and are so proud to celebrate this day away from the hospital (keep your fingers crossed and your prayers going up!) If I get a little bit of sleep today, I will post more later on as I have been quite reflective through the night and this morning over the past year of Connor's life. All I can say for the moment is thank you so much for your enduring perserverance to pray for us over the last 12 months. I know we wouldn't be where we are today without the miracles that each of your prayers produced for us and especially for Little Bug!!!

Happy Birthday Son, I love you!!!!


Fitafter4 (Tona) said...

I was fortunate to come across your blog...


I will pray for Conner and you and your husband!

Sheila and SKylar said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Connor were thinking of you today, we hope one that your cold is getting better and two that you have the VERY BEST day :)I hope your mommy and daddy have some cake for you to taste and maybe some icecream too!!!! BIG Bug Hugs Sheila

### ###

Shiela said...

That was a one centered in the middle, but when I posted it it all smahed up to the side. Uh I tried happy Birthday Bug

Aunt Teresa, Uncle Ted, Chloe, Emma, & Jake! said...


Happy Birthday Sweetheart!! One year old seems like just yesterday we were coming down to be at the hospital when you were born....A lot has happened since then and we are so Thankful and blessed to have you in our lives. You are a sweetheart and we wish you a very Happy day (even with that nasty cold...)!!!!

Tell your Mom to take it easy today and get rest when you do.....

Love, Aunt Teresa and family!

trevor said...

Happy Birthday Connor! Hope your mommmy and daddy let you eat lots of cake when your feeling better!

Heart Hugs,

Jackie, Scott and Trevor

Debi said...


What a wonderful day to celebrate I hope you and mommy are feeling better...

Many prayers and blessings



Cousin Erica said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to
Happy Birthday dear CONNOR
Happy Birthday to you

I can't believe that you ONE your are getting so old I can't waite to see you!!!!!
Love you lots
Cousin ERICA!!!!

Cousin Carly said...

Connor I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Happy birthday little bug Love Carly

Cousin Haley said...

Little Bug, I hope that you have a fun day today. Happy birthday
Love Haley

Uncle Les & Auntie Marsha said...

Dear Connor

Happy 1st Birthday!!! Wow, I can hardly believe that 1 year has gone by. I remember the day you were born, we were all out in the waiting room anxiously awaiting your arrival. What a very exciting day that was. We LOVE you Littlebug and Have a Happy Happy 1st Birthday

Love Uncle Les & Aunt Marsha
Hugs & Kisses to you!!

The Imperfect Christian said...

I chose a great day to make my first visit to your site! Happiest of Birthdays, Connor!! I have two little girls with DS and one had AV surgery as well! I'll be back to keep up with your journey through life, Little Bug!

Auntie Heather said...

Happy 1st Birthday Little Bug!

I am so sad to hear that you are feeling bad. What a shame! You have been so healthy over the past 9 or so weeks. Hang in there!

You, too, Lori. I hope that you can get some sleep today.


Auntie Heather

Gary, Lynette, Zachary, Lucas and Savannah said...


Happy 1st Birthday. So sorry to hear that you and your mother are not feeling well. Hang in there and get some rest. Love from the Maulin Family!

Aunt Jacqueline said...

Happy Birthday you big handsome bug!
Auntie, Uncle Scott, Austin and Dallas all send their love to you on this very special day. You are an amazing testimony of how great God is!!!!

We hope to see you soon!
Love you sooooo much,
Auntie Jacqueline and boys

Princess Morgan said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CONNOR!!!! Yeah!! What a joyous day to celebrate. You feel better real soon, k?! Lady bug hugs!!!
Your friend,

Monica said...

Happy First Birthday Connor :)

Skylars Big Sis Monica

Anonymous said...

Happy Bug Birthday Connor!!!!! You are such a miracle!!!!! We pray for you every day.

Happy Bug Day to You
It's a Bug's life, how true
Happy Bug Day Dear Connor
Happy Bug Day to You!!!!!
Les & Karen Carver
Cliff & Kathy Young

Anonymous said...

from Canada
Oma and Opa Denessen.

Auntie Kathy said...

Happy 1st Birthday Connor. I heard your sweet little coo's on the phone today, how precious.... I wish I lived closer, I would come get a piece of your birthday cake. I am sure it is yummy, cause your mama is a great cook. We have all witnessed your first year of life and seen what you have had to endure, we are so extremely proud of you. We thank our heavenly father for all the answered prayers on your behalf. Please, Connor get feeling better real soon (you to Lori) because in a couple of weeks we are going to have a grand celebration to honor you. Happy Happy Birthday. Lots of love, hugs and kisses are being sent your way. Love you always... your big admirer Aunt Kathy and Uncle Loren

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Connor!

Jon and Cheryl

mum2brady said...

Happy Happy Birthday Connor - hope being one is fabulous for you!!! You are an amazing little boy and you have touched our hearts!!! We admire your perserverance and strength - you are an inspiration!!!