Sunday, February 15, 2009

I can't believe it....I really can't believe it!!!!!

I feel like the plagues have been sent to the Robertson home. After what seemed to be a successful 1st week of preschool, Connor awoke that Friday (the 6th) with a runny nose. By Sunday it had quickly turned into a cough and fever and I ended up in the doctor's office with him last Monday morning. He had a fever of 102.3 and lungs that looked pretty yucky. After a five hour trip to the doctor that included blood work in the hospital lab and a trip to radiology for X-rays and two inter muscular antibiotic shots, we arrived home with oral antibiotics for some type of unexplained infection in Connor's body. He had a miserable night last Monday and then we headed back into the doctor the next day for more shots. He has started oral antibiotics now and on top of all the other symptoms he has a yeast infection caused by the medicine. Poor little fella.

It doesn't end there.....Wednesday Alex and Mackenzie came down with the same symptoms and high fevers....Alex had a fever of 102.4 and Mackenzie had a fever of 102.8. So off we headed to the doctor with the two of them. Diagnosis....Mackenzie has the croup and Alex has bronchitis. Everyone had a miserable night with little sleep and Thursday everyone was worse. We let it ride through the day to see if there was a light at the end of the tunnel, but alas, another sleepless night with miserable sick kids. Friday I ended up taking Connor and Alex back to the doctor (4th trip this week) and I was convinced that someone was going to end up being admitted to the hospital. After X-rays were taken of Alex it was determined that he has bronchial pneumonia and it just has to run it's course....Connor was definitely worse, but since he is already taking antibiotics there was no change in his course of treatment. So we headed home again for what looks like the long haul of sickness.

Ok, now let's top it off....I have picked up the same virus, same symptoms and same high fever. I honestly think America's Funniest Home Videos has secretly installed hidden cameras in our home so someone can get a good laugh out of our misery. Thankfully Randy is pretty well symptom free as he is back on the road, as of yesterday, with American Airlines. My mom has graciously agreed to, once again, bring her helping hands over to help us out. It's now over a week and it doesn't look like there is any end in sight.....yet. I know this will eventually pass, but I can't help but feel totally overwhelmed with why this keeps happening to us. We never thought that we would be the family with the sick kids and the ones who couldn't partake in the normal activities of daily life, but here we are in a place that we never thought we'd be.....AGAIN!!!

So as for school........I don't think we'll be sending Connor back to school as he is just too medically fragile to get any real benefit from the experience. I am so sad because I was so looking forward to this new adventure for him and an exposure to something fun and exciting. We were hopeful that this would increase his leaning ability and his developmental progress, but for the time being it just ceases to be productive to continue because when he (and the rest of us) are sick there is no progress being made.

Well, there you are. I really can't believe that we find our self here, but yet, here we are. I will close now as there are runny noses to wipe and much comfort to give. I know we've asked for a lot of prayer, but we humbly ask for it again. Please pray that we would find some reprieve from the storms of life and sickness around here.

Lovebug Hugs,