Tuesday, February 03, 2009

It Doesn's Seem Possible...But It's Here......

Connor had his first day of preschool today!!!! It seems just like yesterday we were snuggling him in the hospital after he was born and now look at him.....on his way to school.

Connor is so happy to be starting school today. He woke up in a great mood....smiling at every turn. Here he is having a good healthy breakfast before leaving for his big day. I was always taught to have a good breakfast before school.....how I wish I was scrambling eggs and flipping pancakes for him. I hope that I will be able to do that for him one day, but for this day it's his usual dose of Pepteman Jr. - Full of vitamins and minerals....I hope!!!!

This was the card that I found for Connor over a year ago. I've had it tucked away in a special place just waiting for this day to arrive. It was waiting for him at the breakfast table. How perfect that it's a "Little Bug"!!

Ok Connor....Here's the deal...You are going to school today without me so you better learn lots of fun games to bring home and teach me OK. You're the first one to start school so make sure to remember everything so you can tell me OK. Have fun at school you lucky bug!!!

I'm all strapped in the "bug bus" (aka Mama's van) and ready to roll!!

Arriving at Alpac Elementary....My PreSchool!!!

Hey, I found myself in the big mirror in my classroom. How cool!! That's my new friend Victor behind me.

Here I am with Teacher Noell....Isn't she pretty....She's my new teacher. She made sure the classroom was all ready for me with special chairs and even a special toy that she knew I would love...It lights up, plays music and has balls.....MY FAVORITE!!!

I had a great time in the therapy room.....Lots of fun stuff!!!

Here I am with Theapist Natalie and Therapist Shayleen...They are my new friends...But I can tell they are gonna make me work hard to learn new things...Good for them, I need someone to crack the whip every now and then.

Who would've thought....my first day of preschool and they let me use scissors.....and come to find out, they're standard issue here in preschool. Yippee...
I didn't like them very much though, so teacher Noell used the hand over hand technique to help me learn. I still need A LOT of work!!

Here we are cutting out sparkling fins to put on my fish!!!!

Craft time with my new posse of preschool pals.....Kendrick, Cole, Victor!! I hope we'll be great friends!

How cool is Teacher Noell???? She let me play with shaving cream while the other kids had snack time....That was fun. Hopefully I will be having snack time with the other kids soon, but until then, I like the special attention!!

Look at me.....I'm practicing getting ready to shave.....Don't worry Mama I'm not growing up that fast yet....I was just kidding!!! HEE HEE

Here's my little bro Alex.....Isn't he cute. He's learning new things too. He just turned 5 months old and he is 13lbs 10 ounces. He's still a little fella, but we'll keep him. He loves to sit and play in his bumbo chair and jump in his johnny jump up. I guess we're all jumpers in this family.
Hope you enjoyed the pics. It's off to bed now for some rest....Tomorrow's another day of learning.
Lovebug Hugs,