Friday, November 10, 2006

Things are looking up!!!!!

After a trip to the pediatrician's office yesterday a couple of adjustments were made to Connor's medications and we hope that this is beginning to provide him with some much needed relief. When we left the hospital his dose of the anti-acid he takes for his tummy was cut in half and only scheduled for once a day. Whether this was an oversight or just a flat out mistake, I'm glad I saw the difference in what we used to give him when he has been at home before and I was able to bring this up at his appointment. Sure enough, the anti-acid, Prevacid, that Connor takes needs to be given 2 times a day for little ones because it metabolizes into the body quickly and it is not a long lasting medicine, so it is best at managing acid when a full dose is given twice a day. Our pediatrician also suggested that we fill the prescription that Connor received from the GI doctors which is an anti-spasm medicine. It is possible that Connor could have what is known as a spastic colon and his pain comes on so suddenly and severe that he doesn't know how to process the foreign cramping in his body. Hopefully, this medicine combination will be exactly what Connor needs along with all the tender loving care he already receives.

We appreciate all your kind words of advice and believe me, we are well aware that Little Bug is not used to being home yet. We are trying a room by room approach so that he doesn't get on stimulation overload. Right now we are working with the main living area in our home and his room. We're hoping that he will soon find it soothing and comforting to be in his own familiar surrounding. We've also continued playing his lullaby music that we played in the hospital at night so that he can remember something that has been constant. Last night did prove to be a better night for Connor. He slept for a good 5 hour block, then was up for about an hour, then back down for about 3 hours. Randy and I did the tag team approach to caring for him last night so Randy went to bed at 8:30 and I stayed down with Connor in the family room and put him down for bed in his pack-n-play downstairs. I woke Randy up at about 2am and he came down, then I went up to bed until about 9am. Hopefully tonight we will try Connor in his own room with the monitors set up so we can all get a better and more consistent nights sleep. We're trying our hardest to make this transition work for all of us!!!!!

After about a 4 1/2 hour power outage in Auburn this morning we were greeted by the sound of our phone ringing about 9:10 this morning. Randy was quick to answer as he thought I was still sleeping. After a couple of minutes I heard the prancing of happy feet quickly making their way up the stairs and into our bedroom. Randy bounded in with the good news we were praying for......Amniocentesis results are just fine!!!! Looks like, for all intensive purposes, we are carrying a happy, HEALTHY baby!!!!!!!! Praise the Lord, we needed something of good report to set our eyes upon. We now wait with anxious, excited, HAPPY hearts to greet our new little bugaboo into the world on April 7th 2007!!!!!!!! The due date is the day before Easter!!!!! What a perfect time of year to remember the promise of new life, of new beginnings and of a new experience for our family!!! All praise and honor to the Lord for providing this extraordinary news to us today!!!!!!

We are greeting this weekend with happy, hopeful hearts for Connor to continue looking up and feeling better and for Randy and I to walk each day free of worry for the new baby!!!!! Praise the Lord!!!!

Lovebug Hugs,

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Wind out of our sails............

Just when we thought that life was great and we were all home and healthy, we are finding out that Little Bug is still having trouble. Oh how quickly the wind is taken out of our sails......UUUUGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We weren't home more than 6 hours when Connor began having his extreme spells of discomfort and now it's 3:33 am and we have hardly slept at all. Between painful cries, a flair up of MAJOR diaper rash and extreme gagging and wretching, Little Bug is just flat out having a rough time. We can't believe how quickly things change every single time we bring him home......We don't know what to do......We're praying, but somehow, we are feeling no comfort from even that......We are holding and comforting him and that doesn't seem to do the trick either......There is GREAT frustration in the Robertson household in these wee early morning hours........We just don't know what else to say......except that we can't believe this is happening.....AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

Lovebug Hugs,

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Outta There!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is Little Bug with Dr. Gonzales.......She just fell in love with Connor and it was hard to say goodbye......But after a few tears we got our "walking papers" (discharge orders, that is) at about 10am today!!!!! Mama needed to take a quick trip to the pharmacy to pick up Connor's meds, but not before Little Bug showed off in his new high chair insert..... Thanks for the great invention Gayle!!!!!

Way to go'll be strong enough to sit in that high chair by yourself in no time!!!!!!!!!! OK, Mama's off to pick up your meds.......

While Mama is off picking up meds, Daddy decides to try out Connor's crib and steal a little of his blow-by oxygen....oh my goodness, I don't know who the patient is??????? I'm sure while Mama was gone Daddy found something educational for Little Bug to do.............

WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT BARNEY.........Mama has a lot of training to do!!!!!!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, It's time to say goodbye to room #2025...............So long room.......we won't be back any time soon (Lord willing!!!!!) Hey wait... Where's Daddy?????

Oh, that's right, he's got some packing to do......There goes Connor on Daddy's cart.......Just for information sake, this move out of Children's Hospital only took Daddy 3 trips with the cart.......That's a record for us!!!!!!!

Down we go on the Giraffe elevators.......Take me to the 1st floor and then to the car please!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's go HOME!!!!!!!

Final picture at the exit sign with our pal Fransisco from Healing Paws..........

Little Bug's tuckered out from the long morning of packing up and saying goodbye!!!!! Next stop.......HOME!

Low and behold we were welcomed home to balloons and a wonderful homemade poster from our sweet neighbor's, the Foxes......Thanks for your creativity guys and also for watching Abbey!!!!!!!!!!!

So, we're home at last and snuggled into the comforts of home.....I can't wait to go make dinner in our own kitchen.....Homemade Taco Soup's on the menu tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hooray!!!!!!!!!!

Lovebug Hugs,
Randy, Lori and Little Bug...Oh yeah, and Abbey too

Monday, November 06, 2006

"Surprise" Blog...(Thanks for the title Tammy....)

Sorry we haven't posted since the 31st.....Quite frankly, we've just been having so much fun with Little Bug, we couldn't find time to blog!!!! Connor is doing FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the doctors are so please with his progress. He is one day away from being finished with the narcotic wean and everyday he is looking better and acting more like himself. His lungs are sounding more clear and he is not requiring supplemental oxygen to keep his saturations up. Praise the Lord for so many answered prayers!!! He is talking and jabbering all the time (just like his daddy....hee hee!!!) We've been getting smile after smile from him and he is even sleeping great through the night!!!! We are hopefully and prayerfully optimistic that his "episodes" have subsided for the time being......He is pooping without pain, just like a normal kiddo.....He cries when he's messy, but hey, who wouldn't???? We are pushing forward on his physical therapy because he is so weak, but he will get there!!!! We've been taking walks during the day here in the hospital and we are off the monitors all day long. He's decided he likes bath time now and he smiles away once his body touches the warm soapy water!!!!! Yeah......all these things lead to one major announcement...............WE ARE GOING HOME ON WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Continue to pray that nothing stops the plan that is set in motion at this time!!!! We are so excited to take Connor home as a healthy little boy!!!! Don't get me wrong, Connor still needs to be protected from germs and colds and flu, but we think we can just hibernate at home for a few months until he is a super strong boy who will be ready to meet the world!!!!!! I have a feeling we are going to be pretty crazy about being protective, but hey, can you blame us????? We just want to stay at home and enjoy our days in our wonderful, safe and loving refuge!!!!!

Well, I better get back to the bug!!!! He was napping when I came in to write, but he could be awake now and ready to jump outta bed!!!!!

Things are going fine with Randy and I. We went last Thursday for the big Ultrasound and Amnio for the new baby. Things looked good and we will get the amnio results by this Friday. Continue to pray for a great report for new itty bitty bug!!!!!!

Lovebug Hugs,