Monday, November 06, 2006

"Surprise" Blog...(Thanks for the title Tammy....)

Sorry we haven't posted since the 31st.....Quite frankly, we've just been having so much fun with Little Bug, we couldn't find time to blog!!!! Connor is doing FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the doctors are so please with his progress. He is one day away from being finished with the narcotic wean and everyday he is looking better and acting more like himself. His lungs are sounding more clear and he is not requiring supplemental oxygen to keep his saturations up. Praise the Lord for so many answered prayers!!! He is talking and jabbering all the time (just like his daddy....hee hee!!!) We've been getting smile after smile from him and he is even sleeping great through the night!!!! We are hopefully and prayerfully optimistic that his "episodes" have subsided for the time being......He is pooping without pain, just like a normal kiddo.....He cries when he's messy, but hey, who wouldn't???? We are pushing forward on his physical therapy because he is so weak, but he will get there!!!! We've been taking walks during the day here in the hospital and we are off the monitors all day long. He's decided he likes bath time now and he smiles away once his body touches the warm soapy water!!!!! Yeah......all these things lead to one major announcement...............WE ARE GOING HOME ON WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Continue to pray that nothing stops the plan that is set in motion at this time!!!! We are so excited to take Connor home as a healthy little boy!!!! Don't get me wrong, Connor still needs to be protected from germs and colds and flu, but we think we can just hibernate at home for a few months until he is a super strong boy who will be ready to meet the world!!!!!! I have a feeling we are going to be pretty crazy about being protective, but hey, can you blame us????? We just want to stay at home and enjoy our days in our wonderful, safe and loving refuge!!!!!

Well, I better get back to the bug!!!! He was napping when I came in to write, but he could be awake now and ready to jump outta bed!!!!!

Things are going fine with Randy and I. We went last Thursday for the big Ultrasound and Amnio for the new baby. Things looked good and we will get the amnio results by this Friday. Continue to pray for a great report for new itty bitty bug!!!!!!

Lovebug Hugs,


Jo Ann Collins said...

Praise the Lord for this wonderul, optomistic report!!! Way to go Connor!!! With so many people praying I'm not surprised, just thrilled. We all continue to hold up all 4 of you in prayer. After so many discouraging days we're so happy to see things looking up. I'm sure everyone will understand if you're a little protective of little bug. who wouldn't be after all he's had to contend with. So neat to hear the fun he's having with baths and all the normal things. How exciting to be looking forward to going home WED.
Love Ya, JoAnn & Rip

Amy Reems(Norwood) said...

Hi Lori,

This is wonderful news Lori! Good job Connor, keep up the good work!

I thought you might like to know that Gary will be playing on the Christmas in the Northwest TV program that benefits Children's Hospital. I'm not positive when it will be aired on TV but will let you know. Gary will be accompanying the singer Kevin Thornton.

Have a great day!

Amy Reems

Amy Reems(Norwood) said...

Oops! I left out that he will be playing the piano.


Bug said...

YEAH home is going to be so great for you guys!!!! And there is nothing wrong with hibernating!!! We do it... I am so glad that Connor is doing so great, and I cant wait to hear how your amino turns out, Ill keep praying for strength for all of you and for an unchanged go home day on Wed and for a normal amino. BIG BUG HUGS Sheila

jackie said...


It was great to see you yesterday awake and talking away. That is so exciting that you are almost outta there! Continued prayers for you and your family.

Heart Hugs,

Jackie, Scott and Trevor

Debi said...

Wow PRAISE GOD this was an exciting blog to read....
Way to go LITTLE BUG...keep up the great progress...will be praying that you have a safe trip home and enjoy the nasty weather from inside your OWN HOME...


The Denessen's said...

So thrilled to hear the good news....all of it, Connor feeling good, no episodes & acting like the little bug he was meant to be AND...... going HOME! I have a feeling this is the bend in the road that will keep you home to enjoy your little bug. I am crying tears of JOY from this last post!!

WEDnesday thats not much time to throw a coming home party.....maybe we'll have to wait a couple months & have a regular whoop di do!!! (then we won't bring any germs around just to be on the safe side)

We love You all...will be praying for great results from amnio.

Lori, You'll never guess what I dreamt last night??? You guys had a girl!! Girl or boy it really doesn't matter we'll love them just the same. I don't put all stock in dreams but I thought it very interesting....!!

Love, Ted, Teresa, Chloe, Emma & Jake.

P.S. sorry Jake didn't want to talk to you Randy (Sat nite.), he wanted to talk with Connor!!! You don't rate anymore(justkidding!!!)

Tammee, Michael's Mom said...

That is GREAT! There is finally light at the end of the darkness. God is Good! and he is showing it to you! You are not in control, he is. Conner is his and he is giving him back to you- he wanted to have you place all your trust and faith in him. What wonderful news! Way to go Conner!!
Lots of love!
Tammee, Howard, Austin and Angel Michael

The maulin family said...

Wow. What great news that Connor is doing so great and that you get to go home on Wednesday!!!! We are all so happy for you. Bye for now. Love, Gary, Lynette, Zachary, Lucas and Savannah

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news for you all. Connor, continue to get stronger everyday.

Jon and Cheryl

smz said...

Yipee...Jammin for Jesus, Jigging it up for the Big Guy, Doing the Holy Ghost Hip Hop, Swinging with the Saints...put on the dancing shoes God has given us another peak into his wonderous power! Great report guys...hope to see you soon! ShawnZ

Anonymous said...

I just don't know what to say except - God is so good! Oh, I am beyond thrilled and so very excited to see you walking around the neighborhood again. OK, maybe not in the torrential down-pours but soon. I love the thought of you all being home together as you should be - Abbey will be happy too! Bless you, Rhonda

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the wonderful news, I have checking daily with hopes of a good report. God is so good. We will continue to pray for Connor and both of you. We miss you all.
Kathy & Darrell

Anonymous said...

Lori,and Randy,

What absolutely fabulous news:) It made my day to hear how well Connor is doing and that the plan is to head home Wednesday.

I know that the Bellingham Bunch that has been praying for him will do a dance of joy when I share the news!

Please know what a treat it was to meet Connor the two times I was able to visit the hospital (I missed you both times, Lori)...he is one trooper of a little guy.

Blessings...and may the next while at home be peaceful!


Anonymous said...

YES!!!!!!!!!! I am sooo happy to hear this great "surprise!" What a relief and answer to prayer. I can only imagine how wonderful you guys must feel. We will continue to keep Connor at the forefront of our prayers and little little bug too.

brokenbutfixable said...

Wonderful news all around! Nothing but smiles, prayers, and good vibes to fight off the gook that's traveling around. Should I buy stock in Purell with the amount to be bought just from the Robertson family?! Just joking. May friday bring nothing but good news. And do we know yet what kind of itty bitty bug will be joining us? I just can't say it enough, Connor you amaze me. Fight a good fight.
With love and prayers, Tiff
STONE lives in us all

Cookie said...

Oh Praise the Lord!! I am crying tears of joy here in Maine. What wonderful wonderful news!! You give that littlebug a HUGE moose hug from me and mine, we are so happy for you all!!

Ash said...

Just wanna send you all love and many prayers. It is crazy but sice Connors birth God has kept him close to my heart. I was so excited when God told me about his special caling on life, I am sure that your parents have told you and I am so sorry that I haven't written in forever, but I just know that Connors life is going to be a life that touches and heals others. Just keep praying that he would follow God's heart because it is big. This little man of God's is going to help people who are physically hurting or dying, in a supernatural/God way. Many prayers and keep fighting because through your fighting Connor is learning how to find strength in God. Lotsa luv and many many prayers and lotsa luv from Ashley(Johnston), Hennings and Daniel Kondowe(South Africa)

Anonymous said...

PRAISE THE LORD!! What great news. We'll keep praying for those good things to happen for you all. Love in Christ, Lorrie Walker (friend of JoAnn Collins)

Bug said...

You guys must be getting pretty excited, its Tuesday night and tomorrow you ALL get to go home!!! Im so excited for you guys, its been a long tough road, but you all made it and tomorrow you get to feel the glory of victory! Best Wishes Sheila

Anonymous said...

awesome! Was waiting for that "surprise"! Praise the Lord! We are so excited for you guys and what wonderful news at how well Connor is doing and that you get to go home!!!! We will keep praying as always and we will be praying for your itty bitty bug too!
We love you guys!




Tawny said...

I love reading Connor's Adventures. Congratulations on your pregnancy.

Love, Tawny

Princess Morgan said...

AMEN!!!!!!!! Yeah!!! You are home Connor!! Way to go! What a glorious day it is. I will see you tonight in our dreams. Someday we will meet in person but until that day you stay home & get healthy & strong. Congratulations Connor!!!

Lori hewitt said...

Hey Lori! It's me...the other Lori! Lori Frazee (actually, it's been Hewitt now for almost 10 years!) Kent and Kay were visiting just this week and told me how to find you! I just spent an hour and a half pouring over your blogs. I cried, I laughed. I remember how much I love you! I didn't find your email address on here anywhere, but hopefully you'll see this comment. I would love to catch up with you! So much has happened in both of our lives since I last saw you! What an inspiration you STILL are to me! Love, Lori