Saturday, March 11, 2006

First Post Information

Hi sweet family and friends,

We are learning so much about "life" from our precious Connor. Who would have thought that he would have been the one to prompt us to figure out what a blog site was!!! Thanks to our new friends John & Susan and baby Brent we now have a way to keep all of you informed on Connor's progress and adventures. This is just the first posting to get us started and we will add much more detail (photos, etc..) when daddy wakes up from his nap!!!

Today started at 12:34am when the phone rang in our sleeping room (more to follow about the room) and the nurse said we should come to the room because Connor was having a tough time breathing. When we arrived he was, once again, struggling for breath and his heart rate and respiration rate were dangerously high. They proceeded to put him back on the c-pap machine which is a pressurized oxygen apperatice to help him breathe and transfer oxygen properly. Once he settled down, with the help of Adavan, an anti-anxiety drug, he slept through the night. He has remained on the machine throughout the day with only small bouts of fussiness.

After consulting with the doctors this morning we are fairly confident that Connor will be going in for surgery sometime early next week (hopefully) for a Nissan procedure and a GJ Feeding tube. I will write more explanation on this shortly, but for now just the facts. XRays still show what they are calling Aspiration Pnemonia and he is being treated with many antibiotics. They have stopped his feeds through the NJ feeding tube because they say it is dangerous for him to aspirate any more into his lungs. They are nourishing him with IV nutrition at the moment and we don't have a time frame for getting him back on mamma's milk. Please pray that this can happen soon.

I will give more info soon, but for the time being I just wanted to get this blog started up so we can share Connor's info daily with all of you.

Thanks for your love and prayer and support,
Randy, Lori & Connor