Thursday, July 09, 2009

Reminiscing again....

A picture of Love....
it can't get
more beautiful than this!

From a Thankful Daddy and
a very lucky Hubby to have such a
beautiful wife as Lori!!!

Love Randy

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Happy 4th of July & A Little Info About The Family!!!

Happy Independence Day Weekend!!!!

I remember when I used to be so good about updating the blog on special occasions and writing about all of the wonderful things, and sometimes not so wonderful things happening around our house. Well, that was before 3 little firecrackers keep me busy ALL THE TIME!!!! I'm sorry that I haven't updated more, but I simply can't find the time on most days. I know that everyone is waiting for more pictures and more posts, so please be patient with me. I really want to put pictures up of Hawaii, but quite frankly, I haven't even gone through our pictures yet and it's been over a month now. So, again....please bear with me!!!

We had a nice 4th of July. Lots of great BBQ and sunshine. Alex held his first sparkler for his first 4th of July......So Cute!!!!

So this is how we are....
Randy ~ Poor guy had a toothache so bad last week, he ended up in the dentist office twice and finally had a root canal. He's doing much better and back at work as of yesterday, 4th of July! Still flying about 21 days a month for AA and wishing that life wasn't passing him by while he is away from the family. While he is at home, he is doing an awesome job maintain our little garden. We've enjoyed some fruits and veggies from our bounty and I even made a small batch of homemade hash browns the other day with our first handful of baby reds. He's working hard to keep our grass green this summer, which is ending up to be quite a big job. But, it's green and lush....Good job honey!!!

Lori ~ The sea urchin wound has proven to be much more of an ordeal than one would have imagined. Swelling is still pretty great in my index finger and palm and still no feeling yet. I am using it without a cast or wrapping on it so I can get used to not protecting it. Doctor says it may be 6 months or more until feeling comes back. Uuugghhh!!!!

Connor ~ Enjoying pool therapy for the summer since his other therapy's have stopped until the fall. He is walking with a "gate trainer" walker everyday. It is so fun to see him in this little contraption.....He's even run in it a couple of times. He had to go on antibiotics on Friday of last week for a sinus infection so he has been fairly miserable in the heat with such a bad cold and cough. He has pulled his entire g-tube (fully inflated balloon and all) out twice in the last week. He is getting stronger and stronger and his nighttime feedings are getting more and more difficult. We are really seeking wisdom on how to proceed with this dilemma!!! He also had his 3 year pictures taken a couple of weeks ago...they turned out so cute.....I will post them soon.

Mackenzie ~ Growing like a weed and wants to be outside ALL THE TIME!!! We were recently given a big wooden big toy with a swing and slide from our neighbors who didn't need it anymore. Randy has worked tirelessly to get it installed and safe so she can play. She loves it and loves digging in the dirt and picking raspberries and strawberries from our garden. As hard as I try to keep her a girly girl, she digs more, falls down more and has the dirtiest fingernails I've ever seen. Grandma Nanny tells her she could grow a garden under her nails. She finally lets me paint her toenails (which she calls Toneys) so you can't see the dirt as much on her feet. I think she has a bit of a tomboy streak in her....she has bruises up and down her legs from climbing just like you'd see on a little boy!!! Suck a stinker!!!

Alex ~ Still no teeth yet...but he's definitely working on them. He is such a happy fella. Smiling all the time and eager to be with you!!! He is cruising all over the place and curious about everything. He is pulling himself up the standing position and side-stepping around his toys and the furniture. I think he will be walking in no time...Watch out world!!! We finally got his 9 month pictures done and they are adorable. Again, I will post them soon. We now have updated pictures 0f all the kids and that makes me feel good. Alex is really fun to watch....He is definitely going to be our problem solver. He studies things and trys to figure out the way things work without getting frustrated, unlike his sister who gets frustrated easily if things don't work the way she thinks they ought to!!!

So, there you have it...a little more info on things going on in our neck of the woods. We hope you are all enjoying your summer and this beautiful, great NW weather that we are having.

All our Lovebug Hugs,