Wednesday, November 21, 2007

We Are Thankful!!!!!!!!!!!

We are thankful for the family that God has blessed us with.
Our oldest son, Connor....A miracle, a fighter, an overcomer, a picture of God's love.
Our youngest daughter, Mackenzie...A joy, a beauty, a picture of God's grace.
The love Randy and I share. We are two people committed to a life of fidelity, commitment, Christian virtues, fun, adventure, and family.
Our extended families that bring us not only joy, but strength and faith.
Our friends that bring laughter and thoughtfulness to us daily and encourage us and support us through our journey.
Our country and the freedom we experience.
Our ability, with God's help, to see beauty around us every day even though things aren't always beautiful.

This year at Thanksgiving we step back and we take a moment to ponder the most spectacular blessings of God and the littlest of details.
We thank God that we have not spent an overnight at the hospital with Connor in over a year.
We thank God that Connor has not had to undergo surgery this year.
We thank God for the beautiful & fast birth of Mackenzie.

It goes without saying that WE ARE THANKFUL.
May we never forget to stop and remember and name the blessings of God upon our family.
May we always carry with us an attitude of thankfulness.
May the gratitude that we feel reflect upon those we love and upon those we call family and friends and strangers as well.

We are thankful for our blogging community that has been our support and encouragement. We love sharing our life with you.....the good, the bad, the happy and the sad. Thank you all for being a voice of love in our lives.

We are thankful and we trust that you are too.
May God be glorified as we gather with family and friends this Thanksgiving Day.
Let us all join hands around the world today and say.........
We Are Thankful!!!!!!!

Lovebug Hugs,

PS ~ We will post family Thanksgiving pictures this weekend!!!