Friday, November 05, 2010


Once again the roller coaster ride of life has been taking us for many loop de loops!!! As many of you know we have been trying to sell our house so that we can move back east to New Hampshire to be close to Randy's job. Well, it finally happened......we sold the house. It's been a whirlwind really. We received an offer and got everything settled within a couple of days and the buyers needed it to be a 30 day closing. So, we are down to our last 11 days in our home here in Auburn and we are scrambling to find a rental in New Hampshire. We are following a lead on a home in Bow, NH that we are hoping will be settled really soon. We've been selling a lot of our household furniture and such to get the weight of the move down to a more managable level, but it has been tough to do that. I don't know why we become so attached to our things, but we do. It's certainly been an emotional time as we think about wrapping up our life here in WA and heading east to area we know little about without friends and family.

Our closing date is Nov. 17th and then we will stay with my parents in Tacoma until the rental is settled out there and then I will fly out with the kids and meet Randy. We're pretty sure that Randy and my Dad will drive our truck and moving trailer out to NH and then my mom will fly with me and the kids to meet them. It is going to be our next great adventure and all though we are looking forward to the welcome change it will bring our family and the added presence of Randy at home, it is difficult to realize we won't be here anymore.

In the midst of all of this, Connor had his adenoids removed last Tuesday, November 2nd. He is doing really well after the surgery and shows only small signs of discomfort. We didn't have to stay overnight at Children's, which was a miracle in my book. The surgeon was glad that they removed them because the were 75% the size of normal adenoids. That means that he only had access to breathe out of 25% of his nostril space. Poor little fella. We hope that this make a significant difference in the way that he breathes and also fights off infections.

Please continue to say your prayers for us. I will update as we get closer and with all of our new information.

Here we go on the next wonderful chapter of the Robertson's lives!!!

Lovebug Hugs,