Saturday, March 14, 2009

Yes....we're all feeling better!!

I am remiss at posting on the blog....AGAIN!!!! Sorry to all our readers that really want updates on how things are in the Robertson home.

We are all feeling better....It took about 4 weeks, but everyone is on the upside of sickness. Connor has a bit of an ear infection, but we are treating that with drops and he is in good spirits. Alex and Mackenzie are doing great and acting like a typical 2 year old (almost) and a 6 month old.

Randy is gone A LOT and we are struggling with finding balance. Everyone seems to think the life of an airline pilot must be so glamorous.....IT'S NOT!!!!!!!! He averages being gone about 22 days a month and is never home for more than 3 days at a time. It doesn't leave a lot of room for normal family life. I'm not complaining, I'm really not....We are so grateful that in this economy Randy has a job, so we will just pull up our boot straps once again and find a way to survive and thrive in the midst of it.

Connor's schooling has become quite an issue. We have decided that his preschool class is not the best placement for him and we are awaiting a new IEP to discuss other options for him and his educational, developmental and therapy needs. It is a fight, I will tell you that, but this Mama is up for the challenge, whatever it takes.

Mackenzie will be 2 in just a few weeks. I can't believe our little sweet pea is such big girl. She has become a bit of a finicky eater.....that's not fun, but I'm hoping she will grow out of that. She is talking more and more and is really a little chatter box. Some things we completely understand, other things we think she may be creating her own language. We work with flash cards and try to have her repeat everything we say. She's coming along on her animals and sounds, but she seems to only want to "show off" with us. Little stinker!!!

Alex is such a handsome fella!!! He smiles all the time (when he's not crying...Hee Hee) and has the greatest little laugh. He is definitely teething and we know that is miserable for him. He hasn't got the sleeping through the night thing down yet, which is really becoming a difficult thing for me. I do much better with the tasks of the day when I am rested. We have been unwilling to let him cry at night for fear that the other munchkins would wake up, but I think we're going to have to start letting him work it out a bit more on his own. Alex is rolling over sometimes, but not consistently. It will come all in time!!!! He loves to watch his brother and sister make him's so cute. He is a big fan of his exersaucer and his Johnny Jump Up!!

Lori is trying her best to stay on top of all the family needs. We have recently transitioned away from Randy's military benefits and into the real world of insurance. It is scary to say the least. We were incredibly blessed by 100% coverage up until March 1st. I am currently fighting the battle of coverage for Connor's home health for his g-tube and feeding supplies. We have been told that Blue Cross/Blue Shield does not cover anything for home health coverage. This is scary because it is about a $4,000.00 per month cost. I am trying to go the route of getting letters to explain the medical necessity of these items and request for coverage. The final word is not in yet, so we are certainly hoping for positive results on this issue.

I know it is a travesty that I haven't posted pictures in a while.....I will honestly try to find time to do that. Quite frankly I haven't wanted to take pictures of the kids when they have all been so sick. Who wants to see sick kid pictures!!! Now that everyone is on the mend, I will try to snap some fun shots of the kids so everyone can see how they are growing.

Thanks so much for all your kind comments and encouragement....we LOVE getting your comments. Sometimes your comments have been exactly what I've needed to get through another keep 'em coming.

Lovebug Hugs,