Friday, November 10, 2006

Things are looking up!!!!!

After a trip to the pediatrician's office yesterday a couple of adjustments were made to Connor's medications and we hope that this is beginning to provide him with some much needed relief. When we left the hospital his dose of the anti-acid he takes for his tummy was cut in half and only scheduled for once a day. Whether this was an oversight or just a flat out mistake, I'm glad I saw the difference in what we used to give him when he has been at home before and I was able to bring this up at his appointment. Sure enough, the anti-acid, Prevacid, that Connor takes needs to be given 2 times a day for little ones because it metabolizes into the body quickly and it is not a long lasting medicine, so it is best at managing acid when a full dose is given twice a day. Our pediatrician also suggested that we fill the prescription that Connor received from the GI doctors which is an anti-spasm medicine. It is possible that Connor could have what is known as a spastic colon and his pain comes on so suddenly and severe that he doesn't know how to process the foreign cramping in his body. Hopefully, this medicine combination will be exactly what Connor needs along with all the tender loving care he already receives.

We appreciate all your kind words of advice and believe me, we are well aware that Little Bug is not used to being home yet. We are trying a room by room approach so that he doesn't get on stimulation overload. Right now we are working with the main living area in our home and his room. We're hoping that he will soon find it soothing and comforting to be in his own familiar surrounding. We've also continued playing his lullaby music that we played in the hospital at night so that he can remember something that has been constant. Last night did prove to be a better night for Connor. He slept for a good 5 hour block, then was up for about an hour, then back down for about 3 hours. Randy and I did the tag team approach to caring for him last night so Randy went to bed at 8:30 and I stayed down with Connor in the family room and put him down for bed in his pack-n-play downstairs. I woke Randy up at about 2am and he came down, then I went up to bed until about 9am. Hopefully tonight we will try Connor in his own room with the monitors set up so we can all get a better and more consistent nights sleep. We're trying our hardest to make this transition work for all of us!!!!!

After about a 4 1/2 hour power outage in Auburn this morning we were greeted by the sound of our phone ringing about 9:10 this morning. Randy was quick to answer as he thought I was still sleeping. After a couple of minutes I heard the prancing of happy feet quickly making their way up the stairs and into our bedroom. Randy bounded in with the good news we were praying for......Amniocentesis results are just fine!!!! Looks like, for all intensive purposes, we are carrying a happy, HEALTHY baby!!!!!!!! Praise the Lord, we needed something of good report to set our eyes upon. We now wait with anxious, excited, HAPPY hearts to greet our new little bugaboo into the world on April 7th 2007!!!!!!!! The due date is the day before Easter!!!!! What a perfect time of year to remember the promise of new life, of new beginnings and of a new experience for our family!!! All praise and honor to the Lord for providing this extraordinary news to us today!!!!!!

We are greeting this weekend with happy, hopeful hearts for Connor to continue looking up and feeling better and for Randy and I to walk each day free of worry for the new baby!!!!! Praise the Lord!!!!

Lovebug Hugs,


Bug said...

CONGRADULATIONS on the amnio, and Im so HAPPY that your doctor was able to figure out Connors meds with you guys!!! Here is to a HAPPY day and a long time of health for all of you!!!! BIG BUG HUGS Shiela

Anonymous said...

Thankyou Lord for all of your blessings that come to the Robertson's family just in your perfect timing.

Debi said...

Praise God what exciting news have a wonderful weekend enjoy this nasty weather is your own home....
Hope you get a great night sleep in your own beds...

Hugs to your little bug...
Many blessings to all....


Anonymous said...

So good to hear the great news! I cant wait to meet the new little one in April. As for Connor - praise the Lord he has settled! You guys are doing such a great job, what wonderful and loving parents you are. Keep up the great work! Rhonda

Anonymous said...

Congratulation on the blessed news about the amnio and for catching the medication problem for Little Bug!

I truly hope you know my unsolicited advice wasn't made in judgement, but rather from a place of empathy for the challenges and delicate balancing act you face. How it must break your heart to have your beautiful house be foreign to him! I have no doubt that you know Connor and his needs infinitely better than myself or anyone else (other than God, of course!) and that you are always creatively and insightfully trying new solutions and ways to nurture and soothe him. I also have no doubt that the Lord is always whispering inspiration and insights in your ear.

Lastly, home isn't a building and furnishings. Home is the loving space that both of you always create for Connor. The beauty of that home is that it travels with you.

Love, Susan Milliren

Anonymous said...

Praise God that He gives you insight and wisdom in knowing how to deal with situations that come up concerning Connor's situation. Thank you Lord for helping Lori & Randy care for their son. Lord we ask for many many more great days and nights. We pray for restful nights and wonderful days for the Robertson family. Thank you Lord for the news they found out this morning about their itty bitty bug. Thank you Lord for your continued faithfulness to us. AMEN!
Sue & family

Heather said...

YEA!!! We are so happy and exited and... well... I think I just might have to do a happy dance. I'm so glad Connor is feeling better and the news on new little one is GREAT. PRAISE THE LORD!!!

Love you all!
Auntie Heather #2

Auntie Maureen said...

So are you guys thinking of advertizing on your blog sight to help pay for medical expenses??
What nerve some people have!!
I was thrilled to get your call this morning as a scrubbed the shower. This is great and JOYous news!!(Lori, get the hint:)!)
I continue to lift Little Bug man up to our Lord. It was sweet to "talk" with him this morning.
Auntie Maureen

Anonymous said...

Randy and Lori,
Please add in 4 Praise the Lord's from the Hendrickson Home! We are dancing for you!!!!

Love you,

Connor's Cousin Emma said...

Aunt Lori & Uncle Randy,

HI! I am glad Connor's out of the hospital. We are moving this weekend and I want you all to come to our new house. Mom told me the new baby is healthy, am I going to have a boy cousin or girl cousin? Tell Connor I"ve been praying for him at bedtime prayers....Love, Cousin Emma

Anonymous said...

Hi Randy and Lori
We rejoice with you that Connor is home. We pray he will be able to stay home now (no more hospital stays) and that he will now be able to grow and develope his skills that have been hindered by all the sedated times while in the hospital. We pray for peace, strength and rest for the two of you. Thanks for all the on-line pictures.
Congratualtions on the good report about little bugaboo.
Pat & Doug White

Jon and Lori said...

We just had this feeling something positive was happening in your life and we are thrilled to hear all the great news. Connor is home. The new babe is perfect! What better news could anyone ask for. There isn't a day that goes by that Jon and I don't think of the three of you! Take care and enjoy your time at home! Lori

brokenbutfixable said...

Oh you guys how wonderful. The happy news of Connor getting back on track and the newest of the Robertson family being healthy is overwhelming. For sure someone is smiling upon you at this moment. Hugs all around :)
With love and prayers, Tiff
STONE lives in us all

Lorrie Walker said...

Congratulations on the great catch with the med. thing,Lori. You guys are truly the greatest of parents & I'm so glad that there is yet another precious little one who will benefit from being born to you.It's very obvious that God knows exactly what He's doing, it is just difficult sometimes that we don't.That's why we call it "faith" tho. Continued mega-prayers come your way from So. Ca., Boulder, CO, & Va. from all my family and their friends.GOD IS GOOD!!Lorrie Walker

The Denessen's said...

It was good to talk with you this morning Lori! (Congratulations too Daddy on the good news!)
Wonderful news about little bugaboo. We all rejoice with you guys & look forward to another addition to our evergrowing family!

You guys are so on top of things, catching that medicine mixup. What next...hopefully just connor feeling better & better & filling his shoes of being a great big brother! God is GOOD, hope today's news put some wind back in your SAILS! I know I wanted to do the "Hippy Hippy Shake!!" Ha Ha.!!

Love & Prayers always, Teresa, Ted, Chloe, Emma & Jake.

trevor said...

What great news about your new baby!! I am so glad to hear that Connor is doing better. Continued prayers for your family.

Jackie, Scott and Trevor

Izabell said...

what wonderful news! I hope connor continues to do well
lova ya all
wyndi izzy

Bug said...

Well guys its now Sunday and Im going to guess no news is good news!!!! :) I hope everything is better and you are all adjusting GREAT!!!! BIG BUG HUGS Sheila

Anonymous said...

What a great week you've had - even with the little bumps along the way! Bringing home Conner and great news on the littlest one! April 7th - that was Grandma Lina's birthday :)

We are all still praying for you & rejoicing with you!

Chris & Lisa

Tara said...

Welcome back home again! ;) The little Blanchard Family here again. I know we posted a lot in the beginning of your journey, but I just wanted you to know that even though we haven't been posting lately, we still check in and are ALWAYS praying for you. Thank you, so very much, for allowing us to do so, by keeping so many continuously informed of your trials, achievements, prayers and praises. God is simply shining through all of you. We look forward to future chapters in your life.
Always here in prayer and praise for you,
Your family in Christ,
Dan, Tara, Jackson (3) and Camilla (2)

PS- Way to go Connor! ;)

Jo Ann Collins said...

Back to work this Mon. a.m. and soooo happy with the good news over the weekend. You guys are so sharp to catch the change in medications. Trust that mother instinct every time!! Sounds like Connor is getting adjusted to home and with the change in medications trusting all is going well. Thrilled with the amniocentesis (sp?) (you know what I mean). Know this had to have been a concern for you and what GOOD NEWS and what a happy Easter to look forward to. We continue to hold you before the Lord and praise Him for more answered prayer in Connor's behalf. Love JoAnn & Rip

Tammee said...

What wonderful news....Conner is home and doing better and you have a healthy baby to come...what a joy!
Praise Father God!
So much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving! Give kisses to Conner for us!
We love you guys!
Tammee, Howard, Austin and Angel MIchael

Anonymous said...

hey we are just checking in and hoping that your weekend was good for Connor.

Izabell said...

we are hping that you are enjoying some calm happy times with connor! hope you got to collect some leaves!
wyndi :) and izzy

Susie - Maggie's Mom said...

Good job little man!! I'm so thrilled that you are all doing so well and that the new little one is healthy. That is just awesome. Keeping you all in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

SO glad to hear you are doing better Connor!
God Bless,
Cheryl M







Princess Morgan said...

Hi Connor! Just wanted to know how you all are doing?

Sheila and Skylar said...

Hey guys I was just checking in to see how everyone is doing... Must be doing GREAT, and adapting to home life... Always thinking of you all and praying for each and everyone of you. Kiss that little bug for me! XOXO Big Bug Hugs Sheila and Skylar

Shannon and Carey said...

Hello Connor. I just read your website...the whole thing! Wow you are a mighty strong boy. You are so sweet too! I love your chubby cheeks. I wanted to write to you and tell your parents that they are so strong and I admire their faith in Christ. Im glad youre home. My kiddos spent some days in the NICU. It is a scary place sometimes. Anyway Im glad youre doing good. Goodnight Connor!
Lots of little bug kisses to you!
-Shannon and Carey Best
and twins Abigail and Porter- Austin

Anonymous said...

Hi you guys!
Praying everything is going well for you! We are still praying!
Sue & family