Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Daddy and Mama in a "big bug" family hug!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daddy and his Little hunter buddy........

This last week we have certainly been trying to adjust to homelife with Connor. After a couple of days of sheer craziness, we have settled into what feels like normal. Our normal is far from the typical normal as we deal with many medical issue that persist, but we are trying to make it fit into our life schedule. Nights are difficult with only small blocks of sleep for Little Bug, but we are hoping that this will only get better. The medicine error that we detected hasn't made a huge difference yet. We ended up taking him off of the anti-spasm medicine because the side effects were too severe for Connor. He ended up having horrible dry mouth and no matter how hard we tried to keep constant moisture in his mouth, he was miserable and fussy all the time. I guess no medicine is without it's dark side, so we are hoping that when we follow up with the GI doctor in December that she might have a couple of other suggestions for his severe cramping and spasams.

Thanks to Grandpa and Grandma M. we were able to go to church for the first time in months on Sunday. We certainly need the support and fellowship of our church family and it was wonderful to be back together on a Sunday morning once again. Thanks Grandpa and Grandma for watching Connor so we could attend church!! This week holds appointments for Connor, OB check ups for Mama and preparations for Daddy to leave again on the 19th!!! Always busy days around here!!!!!

We are so grateful for all your continued love, support and prayers.............keep it coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lovebug Hugs,


Sheila and Skylar said...

Im glad to hear that things are getting better, slow but sure.... Connor looks so cute in his hunting gear!!! I hope that you guys will continue to get rest and settle into life at home.. And Ill pray that Randy has a safe trip and is home soon with you guys!!! Big Bug Hugs Sheila and Skylar

Izabell said...

i hope connors gi doctor can help more. also hope all his check ups go well! wyndi and izzy

Jo Ann Collins said...

Good morning! We hope and pray things will settle down and little bug will start being able to sleep for longer periods of time so you can get some rest yourselves. I'm sure you've tried the old treatment of laying Connor on your lap on his tummy on a hot water bottle (as you rock your legs from side to side, of course) It worked for one of my babies who had a severe colic problem. Not very scientific, I know, and it has to be ancient since my kids are all in or approaching middle age (guess how that make mom feel:) Anyway, I think we are all just throwing out anything we can think of that might be a little bit of help. You are constantly in our prayers and we are thankful for any report of progress. Glad you got to go to church and feel the fellowship and love of your church family. There's nothing like it (especially when you haven't been able to be there for awhile.) We're glad to hear you are at least still at home, though it is not easy with what you're going through. It's got to be better than living at the hospital. We will be praying for continued good news about the new wee little bug. Also for a quick and safe trip for Randy. Love you guys, Jo Ann & Rip

Anonymous said...

Randy & Lori, just wanted to check in with you from Mexico. Im glad to hear that Connor is doing well. I will look forward to hearing more when we get home. Bye for now, Rhonda

Anonymous said...

Been watching each day for some news & glad to hear things aren't really too bad.Easy for me to say, huh, I'm not the one getting up all night. Tho good to be home,you have a few less hands to help with things than you did in the hosp. My hopes & prayers for you are much the same as those who wrote before me. Love,hugs, & of course prayers coming your way lots & lots & lots. Lorrie Walker

brokenbutfixable said...

Lori you look wonderful! I feel your pain on the not sleeping thing. When you figure it out will you give me your secret, because it's been 4 years and I still haven't gotten it! :) Randy stay safe where ever you land...literally.
My love and prayers to you all, Tiff
STONE lives in us all

Tammee, Michael's Mom said...

Lori, I was in Eugene today and knew I had to stop by the river and reflect on you, Randy and Conner. I sat and watched the river as it was was quiet and calm. I thought of how I know you and your family will feel that feeling again soon. It was so peaceful. As I started to drive North to Portland I kept looking back at the river. I realized how much it plays a part in our lives. It continues to flow, it's strong, it's peaceful, it's rough, but not for very calms back down. It was such a beautiful day!
Love you guys!
Glad to hear you were able to go to church on Sunday, it is refreshing!
Tammee, Howard, Austin and Angel Michael
PS...we have turned in all our paperwork to start adoption.....God is leading us in this direction.

Anonymous said...

Lori & Randy,
It is so great to see pictures of you three with "home" in the background. We are praying for longer blocks of sleep for you three at night! What a blessing for you to be able to attend church on Sunday,a blessing so many of us take for granted. Connor has wonderful grandparents as I am sure he must agree! :) Thanks Lori, for you continued faithfulness to blog even in the midst of being exhausted I am sure. It is good for us to see how to specifically pray for you guys. Lord, we pray for better days to come, for Connor's stomach cramping to stop in the Name of Jesus, for wisdom for the GI doc and for the doctor to be on the same page as Randy & Lori when looking out for their precious son. These thing we ask in Your Name. AMEN!
We love you guys
Sue & family

Oma Denessen said...

Hi Lori, Randay and Connor,
I'm so happy for you seeing you home togehter. I hope everyday will be a better day for you.
Lots a love sending to you from Holland
Oma Denessen

Cookie said...

Good to see you folks at home. We keep checking in on all of you, and praying for all of you. Give him a moosekiss from Maine for me. Jan

Kristine said...

Hi to the three of you...

Just thinking of you today, and wanted to wish you a very, very blessed Thanksgiving this next week. I am thankful to know that you are home, and that while it may take some time to adapt and learn new routines, etc...You are at home...may home continue to be a place of refuge and peace:)

Warm Wishes and continued prayers,


Sheila and Skylar said...

Hey little bug I just wanted to wish you a very HAPPY First Thanksgiving!!!! Its only a few days away, Im sure your mommy and daddy have an extra special Thanksgiving in the works for you!!! BIG Bug Hugs and Kisses XOXO Sheila





Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Connor and say "Happy Thanksgiving" to your Mommy & Daddy & "wee little bug" too! Just think,next Thanksgiving you will get to eat a little Turkey! YEAH! We thank the Lord this Thanksgiving season for you Connor! Yes for You and for the way you have touch all of our lives the last ten months. We love you and your family and look so forward to see what the Lord has in store for you "Mighty Man of God"
we love you!
Sue & family

brokenbutfixable said...

Happy "first" Thanksgiving!!!! Just wait till the days when you can taste what this day is about too! One thing I am thankful for is that you and your family were brought into my life. I am truly blessed. Enjoy your day Robertson family!

Jon and Cheryl said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you guys! I pray Connor continues to get stronger and healthier each and every day.

God Bless you all.

Cheryl and Jon Maulin

Izabell said...

happy thanksgiving! I hope you are all together for the holiday! love wyndi, steven and izabell

trevor said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! Hope you guys enjoy your day together!

Jackie, Scott and Trevor

Ted, Teresa, Chloe, Emma & Jake said...

Hi Lori & Randy,

Wishing you could be with us tomorrow on Thanksgiving! It won't be the same wihtout you guys. We will be thinking of you and knowing that you'll all be with us next year to celebrate.... including a new bundle of joy! Hope all is going well with Connor. Give him a big Thanksgiving hug & kiss from us Denessen's!..... Enjoying the new house. Can't wait for you to come to Ferndale....


Ted, Teresa, Chloe, Emma & Jake.

cousin emma said...

Hi Connor,

Happy 1St Thanksgiving! I want to come see you but I have to wait till you get a little bigger my Mom say's. I hope you get to try some turkey. I pray for you every night. I love you. Cousin Emma!