Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Daddy's Afternoon With Little Bug....

Look at me, I'm in my Baby Einstein Exersaucer.....Boy is it fun.....I stayed in it for almost an hour playing and then Daddy let me watch Baby Neptune and I learned all about water.....What fun!!!!

My dog Abbey likes to play with me and she even made me smile from ear to ear this afternoon....She even kissed my cheeks!!!!! Hee Hee.....I love Abbey!!!!!!!!!

After dinner, Daddy let me look at Mama's new candle......I loved the firelight...Mama said me and Daddy looked unforgetable in the glow of the candle!!!!! I loved my afternoon with Daddy. I've been missing him so much since he was gone on his trip. Now that he's home he loves to kiss all over on me...I can't say I mind it very much, in fact, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Lovebug Hugs,
Little Bug!!!


Susie - Maggie's Mom said...

Welcome home Randy. Little Bug looks so sweet and I'm so glad he is doing so well and you are still home. That is just awesome. Stay healthy Connor!! Susie.

Sheila and Skylar said...

Great pictures guys!!! Randy Im glad to see your home safe!!! And Connor your looking sooo good!!!! BIG Bug Hugs Sheila and Sky

Auntie Teresa said...

Hi sweet little bug!!

I can't get over the full head of hair you have!! You are growing like a weed. We love you and are so glad you are home hopefully for good now! You are in our prayers every night, o.k......Lovebug hugs to you too. Auntie Teresa

P.S. tell your mama & Daddy "hello" and we are thankful that things are going well. God is Good! Love you all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Randy Lori and Little Bug,
Oh what beautiful pictures, I get so excited, literally excited when I pop in to the site and see a new blog entry, with new pictures, especially of a healthy and happy little bug!!! A Warm, and loving and healthy happy family!!! God Bless you all!!! Darina

Amy Fields said...

He looks so GREAT!!! Strong and healthy! What a wonderful sight!

Jo Ann Collins said...

It is so wonderful to see Connor looking so healthy and Daddy enjoying time with him. So glad Randy's home safe to share some of the care of Connor with Mommie. WE pray this good time continues and just gets better & better. It's about time you had a reprieve from the hospital. Hear you're having lots of snow & cold weather. It's actually pretty cold here too. It got clear down to 38 degrees last night. and only 60 degrees I think today:) Our prayers continue for Connor and you two (three) as well. Love Jo Ann & Rip

Izabell said...

we are so happy you are all home a doing good! way to go connor!welcome home randy! lori you are amazing i hope your feeling good. enjoy your boys and maybe even have a nap :) and one for me too:)

trevor said...

It is great to see Connor doing so well.

Heart Hugs,

Jackie, Scott and Trevor

Anonymous said...

Lori & Randy,
What wonderful pictures! Thanks so much for keeping you blog updated. Connor looks absolutely amazing. If I remember right...haven't you broken a record for days at home!!!! YEAH! Way to go Connor! It is so great to see pictures of the three of you with "home" in the background. We pray that this holiday season will be extra special for the Robertson Family!
We love you!
Sue & family

Emery six said...

Lori, Randy and Connor,
I was at the hospital today and I was so excited that you're not living there anymore! I would always think about you every time I was there at the hospital when Bug was inpatient.
Susan and gang

Princess Morgan said...

Way to go Connor! Hey, not only do we both have Tad but I have the Baby Einstein Exresauce too. I love it! Looks like you do too. Have fun! Ladybug hugs!