Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Our "Delayed" Thanksgiving Dinner !!! But still FANTASTIC!!!!

WOW.............Look what Mama made for our Thanksgiving Dinner!!!!!!!!

I know it was a little late but my Daddy was gone so we had our family Thanksgiving Dinner last night and what a spread it was...........I couldn't wait to sink my gums into it but...........

Abbey said NO!!!!! She told me that I was too little so she was gonna eat mine for me!!!!!!!!! She said she would tell me how it all tastes later........

So can you believe it............Daddy and Mama gave my turkey dinner to Abbey our dog!!!!! And she even got to eat off of Mama's fine china!!!!!!!!!! I think that's ridiculous!!!!!!!!

Looks like Daddy ate too much again and got a little too!!!!!!!!! I'm not quite sure about this picture though, I think Woody Woodpecker (some bird that Mama always says I look like) must have flown in and took my place in this picture.....I think I better tell Mama to cut my hair soon!!!!!!!!!
PS...By the way, How do you like my flyaway, after bath hairdo??????????????

Lovebug Hugs,
Little Bug


So this is what Daddy and Mama do after I go to bed.....They bring out the Chocolate Marble Cheesecake and eat it all by themselves........Man, I can't wait to grow up and have teeth so I can eat all of the yummy treats that await me!!!!!!!!! But for now, I'm still sleeping!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

He's looking healthy and happy. It looks as though the stress has decreased a great deal and you all are enjoying life. Good to see, dear friend.

Sheila and Skylar said...

Good pictures guys you all look so great! Sending big bug hugs Sheila and Sky

Princess Morgan said...

I love the hair, Connor! I think we got hit by the same hair fairy! Your parents look so happy. So glad to see you doing so well. And I did not realize you had such big blue eyes! Gorgeous!

Izabell said...

you all look great! I am so happy you are enjoying the holidays and doing so good! love wyndi and izzy

Auntie Maureen said...

OK Connor,
I think it's time to come to my house and I promise you can have anything you look at!!(except for dog food and I won't let you chew on the front porch like Abbey did!)
As far as your hairdo goes, it looks great!! Your cousin Tyler would be proud of those locks!!You tell your Mama and Daddy that Tyler (and Derek) say that long hair is in and that it will make you a great chick magnet!! Trust them, they should know, they are teenagers!!
Your dinner does look yummy and I am so glad you got to celebrate together!!
Love, Maureen

Anonymous said...

Hi You All,
Wow!Your Thanksgiving feast looked SOOO good.Guess I'm hungry. Didn't have it at my home this year so no leftovers!! Your pix are all adorable and, yes, you all look very happy--why wouldn't you be, huh? You're all together and at HOME!!! Thanks again for all your sharing. It's so very special, and lifts my spirits to see you 3. We do have an amazing God. Praise to Him. Love, Lorrie Walker