Thursday, January 18, 2007

Little Bug's First Trip To The Opthomologist!!!

Wednesday was Connor's very first trip to the eye doctor. I was a little worried that they would find something the matter with his vision, but sure enough, everything is just fine and he is well within perfect ranges for his age. We are so grateful to the Lord that, at the moment, he is able to scratch one more worry off the list. After the appointment we got really brave and took Connor to IKEA. We all strolled around the huge store looking at this and that and Little Bug talked and cooed the whole time. He even tasted Swedish Meatballs and Lingonberries....I told him Ingamar (the spokesperson guy from IKEA) would be proud. He loved the gravy for the meatballs but wasn't quite sure about those sour lingonberries!!! We all had a great day and Praise the Lord for a good report from a very nice and well respected eye doctor.

Now, it's back to birthday party production mode and we must put our bugs hats back on and get to work.....3 more days until my party with my family!!!

Lovebug Hugs,


Anonymous said...

Randy, Lori, & Connor,
THANK YOU,LORD!!!! You are truly amazing! You are truly enough to sustain us and keep us upright over rocky ground! Have a wonderful "birthday day"!!!!


Shannon and Carey said...

Connor! I am so thankful for the great report from the doc. IKEA? Thats a big boy outing! Wow! We have an IKEA but haven't ventured there....yet. But I bet you enjoyed all the bright colors! Have a good day little man. I'll be lookin' for those birthday pics soon! Hope your mom goes overboard with them. Hint hint :) :)
The Bests

Anonymous said...

yeah! I know that you were nervouse to wait for the apt but all is well!!! I am so happy for you! I am excited you got to take him out to ikea( an outing to anywhere is fun:) have a wonderful party! love wyndi and izzy

Anonymous said...

what great news you guys! We are happy for you and can not wait to see all the photos of the birthday party.

Anonymous said...
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Princess Morgan said...

Great news Connor! Have a wonderful birthday celebration! There certainly is a lot to celebrate! Ladybug hugs.

Love from Uncle Les & Aunt Marsha said...

Dear Connor

Happy Dedication Day

We Love you so much and can't wait to come and be with you today.

Love Uncle Les,Aunt Marsha
Erica,Carly & Haley

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday party and dedication day! We look forward to seeing pictures of the big day. What great news about the eye doctor report. Our God is soooooo good!
We love you guys!!
Sue & family