Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Hearts Day!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone!! I wanted to wish everybody a very Happy Valentine's Day. This is also National Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week. I know I am very glad for my repaired heart so that I can spend all these special days and my life with my family. Thank you to all the doctors and nurses that helped my heart get better. I am growing big and strong now and Mama & Daddy take really good care of me, so you go help all the other kids who have trouble with their hearts, OK.

Today my Mama woke me up with thousands of kisses and hugs!!!!! She kept going on and on about me being her valentine and stuff like that, but I really don't know what that means, I know I just liked all of the attention and kisses (as if I don't get any of that!!!!!!!!! Hee Hee). We sure do miss Daddy today. We love you Daddy and we can't wait for you to come home!!! We'll get all sappy and celebrate Valentine's Day when you get home, OK.

Happy Hearts Day and Lovebug Hugs,
Little Bug

PS ~ Mama said to say that Itty Bitty Bug is doing fine. The baby is growing every day and we only have to wait 7 more weeks for Baby Bug to come and meet our family. I'm not sure about this whole Baby Bug thing!!! I thought I was the Baby Bug!!!! I guess it will all make sense around the 7th of April!!!!


Sheila and Skylar said...

Happy Valenintes Days Big Bug hugs

DADDY !!!!!!! said...

Littlebug I'm glad you had such a great day with Mommy...but just you wait till Daddy comes home!!!! Homey I'm jealous that you get to be there with our Littlebug and I'm stuck here in sandland..AUGH. Oh well I'll get home as quick as I can OK.

I Love you (all three of you) so very mcuh....Daddy :-)

Izabell said...

you guys are so wonderful and loving:) what luckuy little bugs you have:)

Skylar said...

Hi Connor you got to come see me, my momma got the pictures up of our move and new house and even me! Big Bug Hugs Skylar

Skylar said...

Hey Connor tell your mama that we have 2 ponds and 6 acres, big trees and boulders to play on. You have to come up one day in the spring after the baby born to have a pick nick, k Bug Hugs Skylar

Anonymous said...

just checking to see if there are any updates in the land of little bug.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Only 7 weeks until little baby bug comes!!! We can't wait to see this newest bug!!
Sue & family

Lil' Bug's hospital buddy said...

Robertson Family, Thank you for leaving your comments on Brent's blog recently. It warms our hearts and makes us feel like you are close by.

Little Bug looks terrific and we can't wait for Bitty Bug to make his or her appearance soon (seems soon to us but I happen to know that to the expectant mama sometimes the final weeks seem like FOREVER!).

Blessings to you all. Love from, Susan, John, Steph, Robyn, John Jay and Brent xoxoxox

Izabell said...

i hope you are all doing well and that randy is home soon to help:)