Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dear God........

Dear God, I'm growing up so fast....Please help me to stay little so I can get snuggled and cuddled forever!!!!!! Amen


Bug said...

Oh Lori that is just about the cutest picture!!! Hugs

Anonymous said...

This is sooo true how fast they grow. I have been sad that Ellyanah is already 2 and wish I had slowed down more to enjoy every moment because life gets busier and I must choose to STOP!'love

mum2brady said...

Sooo darling! And it's true - they do grow up sooo fast! Don't blink - cause she'll be a teenager :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lori,
What a beautiful Mother's Day letter to your children. Once again you have touched my life in such an amazing way. My kids are soooo big now and we are embracing every moment as they race by us. Everyone can tell you that time goes so fast when your kids are little, but you really don't believe it until time has rushed by so quickly and they are all grown up! Enjoy every moment, every season of life with your babies! They are so beautifu! I really think MacKenzie is having a moment with the Lord in that picture! I Love it!
Love you guys!

Auntie Teresa said...

Hey little sweet pea! I really enjoyed having you here on Monday'll have to come spend time w/ me again soon & bring big brother too! Connor, you are getting fun & such a big boy.....keep on trying suckers or candy canes...pretty soon you'll be having your mama & daddy take you for ice cream!

So kidlins' be easy on your Mama since daddy is away again...Have your mom give you lots of little hugs & kisses from me o.k.?

Lori I will be praying for sleep at night for you & for strenth & endurance. Love you all, Teresa