Friday, May 25, 2007

Having Fun With Pictures....

Mackenzie Joy is starting to smile and coo when we talk to her......She's so cute!!!

I think this is the beginning of a laugh!!!

Ok, here's a little personality for you!!!!

Who couldn't fall in love with that baby face???

So sweet!!!!!!!!

An angel dropped from heaven and landed softly in my arms.....Mackenzie Joy, I love you!!!!

Baby hands.......couldn't you just nibble on them?????

Our favorite Little Bug!!!!!

Mama and Daddy love you so much Connor. You have the most precious little baby face. Don't ever loose that sweetness that is smothered all over you!!!!

Lovebug Hugs,


Princess Morgan said...

What sweet angel baby faces!!! So precious!

Izabell said...

they are both soo cute! connor looks so much bigger too! can you believe that they are getting so big now!! we definitely have to visit soon:) It will be so fun to see connor and izzy play:)

DADDY said...

Well aren't these kiddo's the cutest you've ever seen. Honey thanks for letting me hear my babies over the always puts a big smile on my face and in my heart!!! I miss you so much and can't wait to get home!! Give my little babies lots of kisses from "Daddie"!!! Thanks Honey for taking care of the "homefront"...I hope you are getting a "little" sleep????

Love ya....Randy

ps at Ramstein...who knows where next???? Oh if this doesn't turn out quite right it's because its in German on my end and I hope I'm hitting the right buttons???? :-)

Bug said...

WOW she is so photo genetic! And so pretty! I Love to see Connors hands in his mouth!!! Thats a good thing, especially for getting him eating more :) Love You Guys Sheila

And yes Lori, SMA is a nasty thing and its in the back of my mind all the time, but I have to look at my Sky and see how far he has come and I can see so much more in him, he is amazing. Most of the little ones in my blog that have passed have passed because they didnt have what they needed, thats why Im doing my auction! Maybe it will help another little one out there some where!

Bug said...

Yep Lori the frog pic is of a little girl Leah, her mom thought Skys frog pictures were too cute so she bought this toy for her daughter and sent me a picture of Leah holding it with the title My Frog Prince??? It was really cute! Id love to do a drawing of your two loves sometime!!! (hint hint) Hugs Sheila

Shannon and Carey said...

Awwwwwwwww Connor! Look at you little man. You are such a big brother now. I'm sure you're looking out for Baby Kenzie huh? The pics of her are just precious. I nibble on baby hands all day...and baby tushies, arms, feet,
The Best Family