Monday, November 26, 2007

Pictures That Will Make You Smile!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

Hey....Don't take my turkey and don't even think about swiping my mashed potatoes and gravy!!!

Mackenzie's pretty in her special Thanksgiving dress!!!

These two munchkins just make me smile....Both are little miracles to be thankful for!!!!

Pooped out from a busy day!!!

Smiles follow Mackenzie wherever she goes!!!!!

Ahhhhhhhh, just resting for a bit!!!

Morning music time with Daddy!!!

I love profile pictures...there's a sweet innocence about them!!!!

You'd think she'd be used to all the picture taking but she still gets that "surprised" look!!!!!

Pucker up....I'm comin' in for a big wet kiss!!!!!!!!

Aren't toothless grins the best?????????

What a ham!!!!

Pink 'lil leopard girl!!!

Lovebug Hugs,


Auntie Teresa said...

Wow, What DARLING pictures yet AGAIN!!! Thanks for posting... I just love to see my neice & nephew on the big screen! Hope you all had a special & memorable Thanksgiving Day....We missed you & are glad we get to see you on Christmas Day. Love to you all, Teresa & family.

Emery six said...

A D O R A B L E !!!!!!!!!
those pictures are impossibly cute! I LOVE them. Great captions. That picture of Randy, his guitar with his audience is so sweet.

Mackenzie's closet must be a sight to behold. Your children get the 'best dressed' award! They are both miracles indeed.

Welcome to the Christmas season,

Susan, John, and kids

sarah and the troops said...

Oh Lori and Randy your kids are so beautiful and adorable. Mackenzie is growing up so fast, and Connor looks like a great big brother. You are so blessed!

Anonymous said...

very cute love the pictures!

Bug said...

beautiful pictures, you guys have the best kids, (well other then mine ;) They are both too cute and so funny... Im so glad you all had such a wonderful Thanksgiving! Lots of Love Sheila

Dylan, Jonah, and Mom said...

What great pictures! I can't believe how fast Mackenzie is growing. I particularly love the picture of her puckering up to the camera.

Conner looks so cute in his Thanksgiving outfit. Did he get a big boy haircut?

Take care.