Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Birthday Pictures!!!

If you've never taken the time to double click on a picture to take a better look, let me urge you that this is the post to do it. We captured some wonderful emotions from Connor and his smile, his laugh, his surprise, his wonderment are all so precious it will warm your heart. I know it does mine....So take a closer look and see what I mean!!!!!

Looks like Connor's going to have some fun presents to open!!! Would you look at all those birthday cards!!! Thanks everyone for remembering Little Bug's 2nd Birthday!!!

Oh my, where do I begin?????? How 'bout we start with the toys????? Yeah, that's the ticket, let's start with toys!!!!

Here we are celebrating Connor's birthday with Grandpa and Grandma-Nanny. We will be celebrating again with all my Robertson cousins in a few weeks.....Man, I love this birthday thing!!!

Gettin' comfy with my dad!!!

Horsin' around with my Daddy!!!! He makes me laugh so hard...I love him!!!

You gotta be kiddin' me.......That cupcake is not going anywhere near my mouth, it's got FIRE on it!!!!! No wonder I'm freaked out to eat food.....Who puts fire on food anyway???? Silly people!!

Hey now that's better, I'll just sit here and smile with my cupcake and with my Daddy!!!

I'll lick my lips like I took a bite, even though I didn't!!! Maybe next year!!!

Mackenzie sitting with her Grandpa playing Old MacDonald Had A Farm....Oh wait, I'd better smile, there's a camera near by.

I don't know why adults think that kids like getting clothes for their birthday... I was goin' in for a 2nd look to see if there was a toy tucked under that funny, white, noisy paper but sure enough, it was just clothes....But they were cool clothes....Camo pants just like my Dad's!!!!

Ok, can we get back to the toys now????? I sense a talking book is going to be under this paper. Sure enough....My first book reader with lights and sounds!!!

This is our infamous family birthday hat. In our house everyone, and I mean everyone (even the dog Abbey) wears this hat on their birthday. It's a little big yet for the kids, but through the years they will grow into it!!!

Showin' off my Birthday Boy shirt!!! There's no mistaking who's having a birthday!!!!

C-ya later....Thanks for coming to take a look at my birthday pictures. I had a great time turning 2. Here's to another great hospitals and lots of milestones ahead for me!!!!

Lovebug Hugs,
Little Bug


Bug said...

oh my gosh.. Connor has gotten so BIG!!!! I love all the pictures, it looks as if he had a wonderful Birthday!!!! And we will take you up on a visit in the spring or maybe a BQ this summer :) We miss you guys, but Love Ya More BIG BUG HUGS Sheila

******************************** said...

It's just amazing how quickly he's grown!! He's such a beautiful little boy. Those were some really great pictures!!

Beth said...

Happy Birthday, Connor!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Little Buddy. The next time you come to Mount Vernon Miss Maggie would sure like to meet you now that you two kiddos are healthy :-)
Thinking of you all often.
Susie DeVries

mum2brady said...

Haven't checked in for a while - WOW- Connor has grown sooo much, and Mckenzie too! They are both beautiful! I love seeing how wonderful and healthy Connor is looking! He is truly an inspiration to me! Hope two is a terrific year for him!! Happy Birthday little bug!!!

hjoy said...

Conner is such a handsome little guy, Happy Birthday.
I happened upon your blog and thought Conner's story was such an inspiration. My little guy has multiple special needs so we know all about those struggles and the wonderful blessings. God bless