Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day Daddy!!!!!

Hi Guys....I'm wearing my "14" shirt because today is Valentine's Day. I'm a heart-breaker, at least that's what Mama says!!!!

"World's Cutest Valentine" is what my shirt says, but I move so fast these days it's hard to get a picture of me sitting still so you could see it. Mama says I'm quite the wiggle worm, but I do a really good job of wiggling right into everybody's heart!!!!

My "Perfect Valentine"!!!!! This was taken a few weeks ago on our 4th Anniversary get-a-way!!!

We want to send all of our love out to our Daddy. It's Valentine's Day and he has to be far, far away. We miss him alot. Especially all the sloppy hugs and kisses he gives us.....constantly!!! Mama's keeping up with the sloppy, messy kisses but she's gotta be getting tired of kissing us and not our Daddy. Mama says we're waiting to celebrate the big day for hearts until Daddy comes home. But, we've been having a lot of fun today. Connor's therapist came today and she brought us the coolest balloon!!!! It says we're "Berry Sweet"! And then Grandpa and Grandma-nanny took us all on a date for Valentine's Day. We all packed up and went out for an early dinner. We did pretty good in the restaurant, but truth be told, we really like it at home the best!!! Thanks for dinner, it was great!!!

We really do miss Daddy and hope he makes it home to us really soon. We love you Randy and we can't wait to see you!!!! You're the best Valentine ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day to Daddy and to all our friends everywhere!!!
Lovebug Hugs,
Lori, Connor and Mackenzie


The Scevers :] said...

We love you all and are sending our kisses and hugs to you.
hope you have a great day, can't wait to see you on Sunday!!

Emery six said...

Lori, you busy, busy girl. I can't imagine how you do it! You are doing a great job keeping your household running while Randy is away. Before you know it, your Valentine will be home with you and the kids. I am glad LittleBug and SweetPea's grandma and grandpa came to make Valentine's Day extra special. The kids look adorable. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Lori, You made my day posting pictures to share I so enjoy seeing how the babies are doing Thanks again Ofelia

Bug said...

wonderful pictures of the kids (as always) they are getting so BIG... Sorry Randy isnt home yet, im sure when he gets back you guys will have the best Valentines Day ever!!! BIG Hugs Sheila

hjoy said...

Such cute valentines smiles

amanda said...

Your babes are so adorable!! Connor is just a hoot! and it's great to see him doing so well. The baby is as precious as she can be also.

Hidden Jewel said...

You're looking good, Lori. Glad things are going well.