Sunday, June 11, 2006

5 Month Birthday & 10 Pounds!!!!!

Hi Everybody ~

Today was Little Bug's 5 month birthday and he topped the scales at 10lbs even!!!!! We finally made it to a double digit weight!!! He had a great day today!!! We got him all dressed up in blue jeans and an airplane shirt and he looked just like a little man. Daddy even took him outside and I found them laying on a blanket on the grass!!!! What a wonderful sight for my little eyes to behold.....both my boys, soaking up the rays!!!! We took lots of pictures outside as it was Connor's first time to see sunshine!!!! I think it was good for him to breathe in all that fresh air because he took a really good nap as soon as we came back into his room!! I have lots of pictures to post, but the computer is so slow here at the hospital tonight it would take me hours to post them, so I will attempt again tomorrow.

We had a great visit with Auntie Maureen and Grandpa and Grandma R. today. It was fun to show Connor off when he was having such a great day. It looks like we are definately on the fast track home. We will be discharged sometime this week, we are just waiting for the date!!!

Off to bed with my boys!!!
Lovebug Hugs,


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Connor and Congrats on the weight gain. What an exciting day. Lots of Firsts. 5 months, 10 pounds, sunshine, laying on the blanket with Daddy in the Grass. I see many a picnic in the family future.

We are very happy for you and so proud of how hard you are fighting to grow and be strong, keep up the good work. We are looking forward to 10 months and 15 or more pounds.

Love to you, Mom and Dad!

If you want to see some REAL sunshine, come on down to Riverside and visit the Webb's. :)

Love Ya,
LeeAnn & her men

Anonymous said...

WHAT!!?? Discharged some time this week!!?? I can harldy believe my ears right now! I am SOOO happy for you guys! Praise the Lord and I guess I should not be so shocked..........don't we believe what we ask for ?? God is teaching me sooooo many things right now and he is using Connor's journey as another part of that process. Well Lori, soon you will be in your home cooking dinner for your family while Connor is napping in the beautiful room you 2 have prepared for him. All the while I am sure there will be beautiful worship music playing in your house and I think I even smell chocolate chip cookies! Now that sounds like home doesn't it. Just like you said before, a home is not the house it is the people inside it and soon you will all be together in that home.






the haners said...

How thrilling that you are soon getting to take your little bug home after 5 months!! God is so good and we pray that everything goes supernaturally well for him and that he will continue to gain, improve, and that the great physician will completely heal him, so that no more surgeries will be necessary.

Blessings and prayers,

Anonymous said...

Way to go Little Bug!I am thrilled for all of you. I am so pleased he experienced fresh air.

praying for continuing success from Georgia,

Emery six said...

Just when it seems like things are going to continue on forever, all of sudden it's time to go home! That's how it is. In the midst of the batter we think, is it ever going to end, then one day the battle is over, the victory is won and the spoils are enjoyed. I know there are still milestones for Connor to pass (e.g. heart surgery), but this is one step towards God's healing. In His wisdom, he sets the times and circumstances and like Tammy said previously we are all learning and growing through the experience. Congratulations. We will miss running into you at the hospital. We had a wonderful visit with Randy and Connor on Saturday. Sorry we didn't get a chance to see you on Sunday. Take care,
John and Susan

Emery six said...

that should have been "battle" not "batter" :)

Michelle said...

What wonderful news to hear he is in double digits on the scale, but even better news to hear he's being discharged this week! Wow that's awsome! I bet it was wonderful for him to get outside in that fresh air too...can't wait to see those pictures!

Shawn said...

What a day of rejoicing it is for the three of you and so many more. God has shown himself faithful, again. Soon we will see the Robertsons walking to Starbucks, playing in the park and eating Ben and Jerry's.

Anonymous said...


As I sit here wiping tears from my eyes all I can think to say is HALLELUJAH-GOD IS SO GOOD!!!

Little Bug-you keep on getting big and strong....

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news. God's blessings and peace.


Karen Carver said...

Little Bug,
I have watched your mommy grow from a young girl to the wonderful woman, wife & mommy that she is today. You are so blessed for the family that Jesus has placed you into. You have been an inspiration to me with your strength. Soon you will be home in your own room and we will be watching you grow into a wonderful young man with quite a story to tell!! You know, your mommy was the best babysitter I ever had and my boys still talk about her and how much fun they had with her while I was doing things for Pastor Doug. Your mommy & daddy will need you to be strong as they go through their trials of raising a teenage bug!! Be as patient with them as Jesus is with all of us. We love you and pray for you daily. Take good care of your mommy & daddy.
Karen Carver & family

wyndi izabell said...

i'll be at childrens tommorow what room are you in? Izabell and I will come say hello, we have othro visist. congrats on connors improvement! Before you know it Connor is going to be so heavy yours arms ache after carring him around:)can't wait huh! exciting stuff:)Izabell has a swollow study on the 21st we are praying she passes it and gets to get the NG tube out and only be fed by bottle Our speech therapist says she had to pass the study to get the ng tube out. She has pulled it out already and gags on it now, sow hopefully she passes the study! If it is ok Izabell and I will visit her apt is at 345, is it ok to come before it to say hi, i know how bussy it is before you get discharged. i'm so happy for you guys!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Lori,
how exciting HOME!!! YEAH!!! Lord, you are sooo good. Be with Randy, Lori & little (getting bigger) Conner these next few days as they prepare to go home. Lord we pray that nothing will hold them back and that the rest of this week will be nothing but daily miracles. AMEN!!! We love you guys!
Love, Sue & family

Anonymous said...

Oh how my heart is singing for you right now! Home! Connor sounds to be doing wonderfully. I am so happy for and proud of you all. Connor has shown a strength that we all can learn from. It has been my pleasure and honor to of had the chance to meet you. Your understanding kind words were always welcome. God bless your little one. HOME!! Just too exciting!!
With love and prayers, Tiffannee
STONE lives in us all
"Strength does not come from physical capacity, it comes from an indomitable will" ~Ghandi

Anonymous said...

Good news all around... my two boys (Conner and Skylar) are going home probably on the same day!!! Sad day for me... but I am so proud of CONNER and how he's getting so big and strong with those chubby checks... very sweet.

Congratulations mom and dad- your family's long suffering has produced perserverance; perserverance, character; and character, hope... let's all rejoice in that!!! (Romans 5: 3&4)

I'll stop in and give hugs and kisses in a few days. Love, Melanie

Jacqueline Hendrickson said...

Lori and Connor,
It was so good to spend time with the two of you yesterday. I loved my snuggle time with my favorite little bug in the whole world. I am holding all his sweet little looks that he gave me in my heart forever.
Lori, you are so peaceful in your view of all your days ahead and behind you. God is the God of many miracles. I remember the day He reminded me of that when you were still pregnant with Connor. How sweet to be in the middle of all He has to bless you with.
Love bug hugs from Auntie!

Jacqueline Hendrickson said...

Lori and Connor,
I had such a wonderful time with you yesterday. I just love snuggling with my favorite little bug in the whole entire world. I am holding each one of those sweet little looks and sounds that Connor made for me in my heart.
I love you so much.
Lori, I am so pleased to see true peace in your countenance. It is one thing to buckle down and be strong and endure. It is entirely different to allow the Lord's strength to be your everything, and that is exactly what I see in you. You have allowed the Lord to have His way in your heart and life and His radiance is shining through.
There will be many, many days outside of that hospital. I look forward to hearing about all the miles you are putting on Connors stroller.
God is good...all the time.
Love you all so much...more than all the fish sticks in the sea (LOL, insiders joke)
Bless you,

Jacqueline Hendrickson said...

OOOPS, Ok so the first message did print. You know, I'm not good with computers.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Wow. What an exciting day ahead for you.God had challanged and blessed you in so many ways. You have remained faithful through it all. You have made God (and all of us) very proud. I have such respect and love for you.
What a joyous Father's Day ahead for you Randy.
I can already feel the love and warmth, the excitement and joy awaiting you in your own "home". Ahhhhhh what a wonderful word.
Way to go Connor!
Love you, Dan & Jill

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that everything with Conner is going so incredibly well! I will still keep him in my prayers! God Bless you guys!

Auntie Heather Milliren said...

Randy, Lori & Connor~

What a week this has been! Happy 5th month birthday! Time certainly flies when you are little.

We can't wait to hear of your discharge. We are praying that it will be very soon.

We love you,

Auntie Heather, Olivia, Brayden & Bergen Luke

Anonymous said...

That is great news Little Bug! You are getting to go home soon! I hope somebody has a great big welcome home party in the works!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Randy,Lori,and little Conner
All I can say is Wow,God is working
and COnner is such a fighter.We will continue to pray because the battle is not over yet.And We(I will presume to speak for all the people who love and care for you)that we will continue to do spiritual warfare with you faithfully till this child is fully healed and out of the woods
:so to speak.
Koinania is one of my favorite words from the Greek and it means a lot of things like this song from long ago:
Koinania means Fellowship
K....... means love oneanother
And when it gets ha-ard..
Koinania means take my hand, we'll do it together..
Love in our Mighty God and Healer
Dale ,Gabi,Andre'

Tammee, Michael's Mom said...

I am sooooo excited, Conner we are so proud of you! What great news! Praise God! (our prayers are being answered). I can not wait to come to your house and visit you! God Bless you and your beautiful, strong, and loving family! We love you guys!
Tammee, Howard, Austin and Angel Michael

Anonymous said...

I was told by Derek Robertson, while I was working the school store, that his cousin Connor may be coming home in a few days! Glory to God! I have kept your precious son in my prayers, and I am thrilled that he is doing so much better.
God bless Conner, and both of you, his devoted parents. I pray that in the next few days and weeks, there will be even greater news!

John Hewitt (Robertson's neighbor)