Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hovering.......Not such a bad thing!!!!

Last night when I posted, I have to admit, I was a little beyond frustration. The tone was definately different than in the past, but thankfully the Lord uses us even when we are at the end of ourselves. I have to share what happened last night right after posting. First of all, in the midst of typing the post I recieved a very timely phone call from our pastor and our prayer immediately put peace in my heart. It makes me think of the scripture in Psalms that says, "A word aptly spoken is like an apple of gold." The Lord answered my prayer to calm my anxious heart!!!

Second, after retiring to my sleeping quarters I took my bible and opened to Genesis chapter 1, the very beginning of the Bible. I have to admit, Genesis is not the typical place one would go for encouragement, but it seemed right at the moment. As I began reading the begining of the Creation account I came across verse 2 which read, "......And the Spirit of God was HOVERING over the face of the waters..." I couldn't believe what I had just read. As you will remember the title of last evenings post was HOVERING! I didn't even know that word was in the Bible. God is so faithful. As I continued reading through the first 4 chapters of Genesis I read how God created the land and the seas and the beasts of the field and the sun, moon and stars and man in his image. After each day of creation it said, "...and God saw that it was good and so ended the first, second, third day (etc)..." As I lay there in my dimly lit sleeping closet I wept as I realized the truth that God was revealing to me. Even as God has created the earth and all that is in it and said that it was good, so God is in the process of creating Connor and he sees that he is good. I feel that God allowed me to feel frustrated yesterday so that he could show me what a wonderous creation Little Bug is!!!! Thank you Lord for speaking to me and calming my heart.

Today was a much better day for Connor. He was calm and peaceful most of the day with only a few of his episodes. He was off the c-pap for almost 4 hours and in that time we snuggled and kissed the majority of the time. He had lots of coos and conversation for me and even a couple of smiles tickled his lips. For a brief moment, I saw my baby, my happy baby that I love so much!!

He went to the GI clinic for a barium enema and they found nothing wrong with his intestines, colon or rectum. Good news, yes. But, it doesn't answer the questions of why he is in so much abdominal pain. They are continuing to consult and look for answers. The doctors finally agreed together today that we must MOVE forward toward Little Bug's open heart surgery. It is going to be a high risk surgery and we may be in for quite a long haul, but it is a necessity. We will be finding out more in the next couple of days as to when the surgery will take place. Praise the Lord, he answered our prayers for movement. Thank you Lord!!!!

We also heard from Randy, and to make a long story short, he is actually headed home and should be here by Thursday of this week. Once again, Praise the Lord, God answered our prayers to bring Randy home to us!!!!

Well, I'm about ready to get booted off the computer so I better sign off before I loose all of this post. I will post more tomorrow. Thanks for your intercession and your prayers on our behalf.

Lovebug Hugs,


Susie - Maggie's Mom said...

Lori, I'm glad you are feeling more at peace today and I'm thankful the doctors are discussing little bugs next surgery. I pray for him that tthis will be his last big obstacle to overcome. He has had enough - what a little fighter he is. Stay strong and get some rest.
Your friend, Susie.

Lynette Maulin said...

So releived to hear that Little Bug had a much better day today and that you enjoyed his smiling face. Please be sure and get some rest and we pray that angels hold up Little Bug all night long as he sleeps. Love, Lynette

Auntie Maureen said...

Dear Fellow Bloggers,
I feel it is time that we call on the Lord on behalf of Little Bug and his family. I know we all have said prayers daily for him but I feel such a burden to pray for not only Connor but for the major mountain that he, his parents, his family, and especially his doctors will be facing over the next couple of weeks. Let us join our hearts together in prayer for Connor. Lets pray for wisdom and guidence from God for the doctors. Lets pray for peace and patience for his parents and family. Lets pray that God's Divine Will will be done and His precious name WILL be glorified.
Please set asside time in your busy schedules for the next two days to lift up this wonderful family before our Father in Heaven.

Thank you all for your love and support for Lori, Randy, and Little Bug. I know they appreciate it more than they could ever express.

Love, Auntie Maureen

Little Bug said...

Thanks Maureen!! I agree with you that our hearts should be in one accord. I'm glad that you commented the way that you did as I have been burdened to once again call a fast and prayer day for Little Bug. I am drawn to doing that on the day that Connor goes in for his major surgery. I will keep posted on the details and specific hourly requests for that day. Keep posted as you will not want to miss what we know God is going to do on Little Bug's behalf!!
Thanks again Maureen for being sensitive to the urging of the Spirit of God for us!!!

Anonymous said...

Little Bug, I must tell you bug that your mommy means a lot to me. I can remember as a teenager going to church with her, and she was always such and encouragement to me, no matter how I felt. An when people treated me wrong, your mommy treated me with utmost respect and love and acceptance, that I believe is one of the many reasons GOd has blessed me with her, in my life. To teach me love and acceptance of all. You will learn many things from your mama little bug, many things. I can't wait to meet you precious little one, you are an angel in my eyes!!! Darina

Susan E said...

As I read your post tonight I was reminded of Psalm 139 and read it again in the Message. I'm praying that the Lord will give much wisdom to the entire medical team responsible for Connor's care - that He will reveal to them "exactly how he was made, bit by bit, how he was sculpted from nothing into something". That God would open the book that recorded every detail of Connor's development from conception to birth and every stage of his life since, but most of all I pray for his complete healing. His little life has already spoken life to so many of us, but we're believing that some day he will be able to declare God's goodness and faithfulness to men in his own words. We're praying for you!

mum2brady said...

Little Bug - you will be in our thoughts and prayers.... Praying that the docs will find out what is causing your pain and are able to fix it, and that your heart surgery goes well!


Anonymous said...

You guys will be in my prayers as all of these decisions and plans are made... I'll be by this weekend (I"m on nights now-eww) to see you and little Connor. I'm sad to hear that Connor continues to have such hard times but I trust, along with you guys, that God has the ultimate plan. Love, Melanie

Shawn Z said...

The song that comes to mind for such a time as this and declaring its truth for the future: "Look What the Lord Has Done" - He touched my body, he touched my mind he saved me just in time, I'm going to praise his name! Rejoicing in Auburn for how God speaks to us - in the darkest hours and sends the body of Christ to minister in a way that truly is His feet and hands extended. What a privelege to see God working "LIVE"! Jesus Bless You My Friend, Shawn M

wyndi and izabell said...

i am sorry we saw you in childrens agian. We hope to have a visit one day with all of our childrens frineds maybe at a park, wow what a thought. soon they will all be strong enough! I hope Connor feels better soon and will pray for him! If you need anythiong we are only a few minitues away so go ahead and call or email and we will be happy to help
wyndi and izabell

the haners said...

Lori, you don't know me, but just want you to know what a blessing and inspiration you are. I put a few messages some time back on the blog and have been following for quite a while and what a journey you and Randy have had.

Congratulations on your good news of another little one coming into your home and we are praying that all goes well both for your little lovebug and the little one you are expecting.

God is marvelous in giving us just what we need in the most unexpected times and ways. How awesome your sharing was, regarding Genesis as well as faith building!!

I mentioned before that we know your Uncle Randy and Aunt Karla from NLC and you also know Pastor Nate and Jenny, whom we dearly love.

We pray God's continued love, mercy, comfort, and strength to be your portion in the days ahead and we know that His grace is indeed sufficient in all that He calls us to walk through, even when we feel we can't go a step further.


Heather Bennett said...

Hi Guys! I'm back! My wonderful husband got my computer back up and running after being down for a week. I just caught up on all of my blog reading and am 100% up to date and in absolute agreement in prayer. We are trusting God for COMPLETE miracles in Connor.

Connor, I hope you can feel all of my love, hugs and kisses sent to you. I love you so dearly!

Love you all LOTS!
Auntie Heather #2

Anonymous said...

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