Monday, December 18, 2006

1st Birthday Party, 1st Christmas Party, 1st Christmas Photo-Shoot!!!

Little Bug's 1st birthday party for his cousins Olivia and Bergen Luke in Mt. Vernon on Sunday!!

Cousin Olivia enjoying her whipping cream on her gingerbread cake for her 8th birthday!! How cute is she????

Randy with Olivia, Brayden and Bergen Luke. Randy always comes with his bag of tricks for the kids and Olivia is wearing the special glasses and holding the magic lightbulb....You'll have to ask Randy about the tricks some time. The kids had a great time!!!

Little Bug's cousins were so glad that he got to come to their house to play. There was excitement all day long!!!!

Little Bug's 1st Christmas Party at Daddy squadron at McChord AFB. This is Connor with Princess Morgan's Dad-dee!!! We just missed Morgan and her Mommy and we were all so sad. We did get to meet lots of Flyin' guys and their families and even the squadron commander!!

Ok, we're home from the party at Daddy's squadron and Mama put this crazy hat on me to keep my ears warm.......Daddy and Mama were just giggling and saying how cute I am......I don't know why they do this stuff to me........

Picture #1 of our Christmas Photo-Shoot!!!

Picture # 8 (I decided to spare you all the inbetween pics.....) C'mon Little Bug, won't you just smile for us once???

Picture #12.....Ok Little Bug, if you're not gonna smile, Daddy and Mama are just gonna make out!!!!! Can't you see how excited Abbey is about this????????

Picture #15 We had to get one by the Christmas tree in the family room, but the dogs done and Connor's about ready to scream..............Uuuugggghhhhh.....I didn't realize what an undertaking this would be. We'll try take #2 tomorrow or Wednesday!!!!

Connor just wants to look at the ornaments and lights in his own way without cameras close by. Ok Little Bug, you get your way, we'll leave you alone (for tonight that is!!!)

Lovebug Hugs,
Randy, Lori and Little Bug


Sheila and Skylar said...

LOVE all the pictures guys!!! I starting looking at them and I thought I hope we get to see Lori and her little tummy with baby to be... YOU look wonderful Lori, and I mean absolutely wonderful... Conner you are getting so big, and you look so cute in your red stripped Christmas outfit, just like a little candy cane, man you guys it is so so so good to see you all home and doing fabulous... I best not forget Randy... Randy you look so HAPPY I dont see an ounce of worry on your face! Merry Christmas Love Sheila

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,
It is so wonderful to see all the cool things Conner gets to do now. It is also a joy that we actually get to see the Robertson family in action without all the medical reports and gadgetry around Connor!!! Every family report is such an incredible testimony to the awesome powers of Jesus! Merry Christmas Robertson Family!!!
Les & Karen Carver & Crew

Susie - Maggie's Mom said...

You are all so cute. Lori you look so great, Randy and Connor look so content and happy. What a miracle little bug is!! Merry Christmas Robertson Family!!

Debi said...

Wow it's awesome to see you out with Little Bug he looks so have been busy...thanks for sharing all your wonderful pictures sometimes it is impossible to get everybody just right for the pics thats what makes them fun!!!! Have a blessed week.....I think all the pictures are just perfect....


Auntie Heather Milliren said...

Randy, Lori, Connor and Itty-Bitty Bug:

Thank you so much for coming up to Olivia and Bergen Luke's birthday party. It was so wonderful to have you here in our home again. Far too long! And, Connor, we hope that you had fun and will want to return someday for some more play time. Bergen Luke keeps running around the house saying "Baby Connor, Baby Connor." I think he is expecting Connor to come back every day.

I will forever treasure December 17, 2006 in my heart as the day we were able to enjoy Connor free from a hospital room. He is so sweet! And, his little button nose is to die for! I just wanted to eat him up. I know that sounds gushy, but, hey, he is my only nephew and I am entitled.

Have a wonderful week. We look forward to seeing you soon to celebrate Jesus' birthday.

Merry Christmas!

Love, Auntie Heather

P.S. We are off to Bellingham for a family round of flu shots. Oh what fun it is to . . .

Anonymous said...

Even though I don't write here often, coming to Connor's blog is an every day occurance. Thank you so much for being faithful in your updates. Just know that even if we aren't writing anything from Phoenix that you guys are in our prayers and we all come here everyday to see the "latest" update on your family. When the family gathers we ask each other have you been to Connor's page and yes isn't he a doll baby and all the other good stuff.

We all hope you have a blessed Christmas and that the New Year is wonderful.

Randy - Greet your family from all of us.

Kayleen Weaver

PS - - I know that Lynette and Lyric would say include us.

Auntie Maureen said...

Great Pictures!
It's a lot of work posing everyone isn't it!! Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't!(Even when they are older)
Randy you look like you might be ready to lose it before Connor in Picture 15!! Lori, your smile is radiant as usual! Your look marvelous!!
I understand I will get to see you on Christmas Connor and I do look forward to that! Save me some cuddles cuz I could really use some right now.
Love you All,

Princess Morgan said...

Hi Connor. Sorry I missed you. Here's what happened. I missed my morning nap because Mommy was dragging me around town. Then, gets me down for a nap at noon when Daddy calls & asks when we were coming to meet Santa because Santa was leaving at 1:30. Daddy told Mommy he was going to "be there" at 1:30 (yes you did Daddy- I heard..hee hee). So, up I come from my slumber to meet this silly man in a red suit. I was soooo tired. I heard you missed him. Don't worry.... I gave his beard a good tuh for the both of us. We tried to wait for you but I was way past my limit. Mommy was so upset she missed you. We will try again. Have a wonderful Christmas!!!

Princess Morgan said...

P.S. Oh, I forgot to tell ya. My Daddy said you were a handsome fella. But, he keeps mentioning something about shotguns & boys. Says I am only Daddy's girl. He says I can't date ( what is a date??) Silly Daddy! hee hee

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, I love your pictures. was in here once and forgot to save, bfore going out. hhaha. I live right by McChord AFB. You all look so happy, and Lori, you look so radiant. I am so happy you have your family home!! God BLess you this holiday season!!! Love you all!! Darina