Thursday, December 21, 2006

Little Bug's Christmas Tree Ornaments....

Last year Little Bug's ornament was a pregnant mama holding a pickle and an ice cream cone in her hand.....(Luckily I never had that craving!!!!)

This year Little Bug's ornament is a reflection of our journey this year........A medical journey, so we found a baby pair of scrubs that has 2006 enscribed on the pocket. This not only makes us remember all of the medical procedures Connor has had this year, but also the Doctor's and Nurses that so carefully cared for and loved our precious Little Bug!!!!!

Lovebug Hugs,


Sheila, Skylar and Monica said...

That is too cute!!!! I was looking for a boxing glove for Sky, to show how well he fought his fight this year, but no luck... I just think the scrubs are great! Merry Christmas Guys Love Sheila

Anonymous said...

you guys are sooo good about being so thoughtful and putting extra time and sentiment into EVERYTHING you do.
You are awesome

The Eichele's said...

You have to hold him up to see
The angel on the Christmas tree.
And even though he's still too small
To know the meaning of it all
You watch his eyes reflect the glow
Of colored lights that come and go
And feel him quiver with delight
At every new and wondrous sight.
There's Santa with his jolly face
Beaming from the fireplace.
And from the stocking hanging there
Peeks a cuddly teddy bear.
Bright ornaments and candy canes --
Musical toy and wooden trains --
There's just no end to the delights
Spread out for him this night of nights!
He points and grins from ear to ear
And then he yawns - his bedtime's near!
Dad gives him a kiss and you tuck him away
To rest up for the fun of his first Christmas Day!

Merry First Christmas Connor :)

Love Bug Hugs Sheila, Keith, Moni, Chan and Sky

Izabell said...

i love the scrubs!!

Shannon and Carey said...

Dear Robertson family,

The ornaments are very cute and very orignal. And no, I too can't say thank you enough to our team of doctors and nurses at our hospital. Thanks be to God for giving them the knowledge on how to care for our babies!
Santa Claus is coming to town little Connor!
Shannon in Austin:)

Anonymous said...

I'm not much of a cake eater either.. go for the icecream..
Hugs from NH