Saturday, March 17, 2007

Daddy's Birthday Surprise!!!!!!!

Shhhhhhhh....... Daddy doesn't know it yet but he has a big surprise coming up, so Momma told me to help get him all cleaned up and to shave, so that when he comes downstairs ???????

SURPRISE......WOW look at all the food and the presents.....Dad... Moms pretty cool huh????

..and guess what?.... Mommy did all that with my little sister or brother????? in her's been real hard for her to move around lately but she sure did good for Daddy's birthday.....Mommy.... just between you and me..... I don't think Daddy know's how good he has it with a fantastic wife like you!!!!! :-) Daddy I know you love her but I want you to know that I love her too OK.......

Wow Dad, you sure got a lot a presents I think I'm gonna have to show you how to open these OK.......but

......maybe we should just eat first OK !!!!! Momma's been cookin all day for you Dad.... and she made all your favorite stuff!!!.... look back ribs...those little red spuds with that gooey good stuff all over'em and garlic bread and beans. Oh and Dad ya can't forget the "creme bruleaaaaa"....Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Daddy I think I need a bite right now OK!!! Remember Dad don't eat too much or your tummy will start to look like Mommy's ha-ha :-)

Lovebug hugs


Alumnus of our hospital club said...

Happy Birthday, Randy! Wow, what a spread. When Bug starts taking all his nutrition by mouth he is going to be one lucky little boy with all the fancy cookin' his mommy does! Lastly, Randy, are you going to tell us what was in those big fancy presents gleaming on the table???

Susan (and John, Steph, Robyn, JohnJay and Brent)

Aunt Kathy said...

Hi Randy, Lori and Connor~
Randy, it was great to talk with you on the phone yesterday. These pictures are awesome, they make me feel like I was there to help celebrate your ??th birthday. I know..... but I won't leak your age, but "WOW" you are sure getting oooooold. I also know that makes me that much older too. Randy you sure are a pamper husband and daddy!!!!! They take such good care of you....You deserve it, you are a wonderful Brother, husband, daddy and also I am so proud of you for serving our country. Thanks!!!!!

Connor looks great!!! give him a big smooch from me, I love you Connor and can't wait to see you. You sure are getting to be a big boy and so very handsome too. How are the veggies tasting? YUM YUM remember you need to eat all those green and orange foods to help you grow big and strong. Just pretend they are mamas gourmet meals. Keep up the good work Connor. I Love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!

Randy we talked about skiing this week, sorry I have to work, but you have a blast...

Lori, I look forward to getting that special delivery in the mail from you,,,,,mums the word, right.
Lori, you are a fantastic woman, Randy and Connor are so fortunate and blessed. You outshine the majority of the females I know, me included. Bless you my dear sister. We are also praying for a quick and easy delivery of the new itty bitty bug. Sending you all lots of love and kisses, Aunt Kathy

Bug said...

Love the pictures guys, you all look wonderful!!! I especially love the picture of Connor shaving with his daddy (too cute) It looks like you have an excellent Birthday Randy!!! And Lori you have just got to be the cuttest mama to be ever! You look really good :) And Mr Connor I just love everything about you, your growing up so fast and your getting to be a big boy!!! BIG Bug Hugs Sheila and Skylar

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