Sunday, March 18, 2007

Update On The Baby!!!!

Well we're 20 days and counting to the due date of Itty Bitty Bug-a-boo!!! Mama is hoping that baby comes early as the miserable moments of pregnancy have set in. Swollen feet & ankles, tiny bladder, humongous tummy and no sleep.....not the ingredients for the most happy woman in the world. I'm trying very hard not to complain, but I am definitely hoping for an early delivery. My doctor, however, thinks that this baby will be right on time. So far no dilation and no baby in sight at the moment. Plus, our doctor is going wild pig and boar hunting in Texas until the 29th of the month so he asked me to just lay low and wait for his return and then we could talk about having this baby. UUUUUGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

So, the waiting game is on. We'll keep you all posted on baby and how we're doing with the waiting in the coming days. Thanks for your continued prayers for energy and rest during these miserable and long days!!!! I guess we shouldn't look at them as miserable because we have such an exciting outcome to look forward to........God give us the strength to endure!!!!!

Lovebug Hugs,


Carlson said...

It's perfectly okay to say you're miserable because that about sums up the last little while for me this time too except I've got 6 weeks to go. Hang in there.


Izabell said...

we are sorry your feeling so tired and sore. I was over due with izzy and know what it feels like to want the baby in my arms rather than in my tummy! We can't wait to see pics of the new and big bugs together!! how exciting for you both! we did not find out what sex izzy was before she arrived (to my slight protest) and it did make for a lovely surprise and a wonderful drive to get labor over wit even faster. I really wanted to know hold and see my baby! you will be inour prayers:) love wyndi steven and izzy:)

Jo Ann Collins said...

Back to work and checking in on the blog. Happy birthday, Randy. Looking pretty good for an "old"? guy! Speaking of looking good, Lori, you look great to be so close to your due date. I know you feel miserable (and more so if it goes past the due date) but at least you look awfully pretty!!! and Connor look so cute. Thank the Lord, he seems to be doing real well. Thanks for all the pictures,helps us keep up with your life. You all look so happy! Looking at all that delicious food is making me hungry. Thank you Randy for your sevice to our country. Thank you both for being the terrific examples of Christ centered living. We love all 4 of you. Jo Ann & Rip

Bug said...

Ah Lori, I remember how your feeling... 20 days will go FAST!!! And then you won’t even remember how tired you are now. Keith and I think your going to have the baby on Skylars birthday!!! April 4th Wishing you lots of luck and sending many prayers!!! Big Bug Hugs Sheila

Princess Morgan said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Randy! Miss Lori, I think you look beautiful and Itty Bitty bug will be grateful you took such good care of yourself. Connor, you are doing so well...keep it up! Soon, you will be a big brother. So, everyone rest up. Ladybug hugs.

Shannon and Carey said...

The pics are GREAT. The shaving picture wins the dad of the year award. So precious. Only a few more days :):)

Anonymous said...

Just stopping by to wish you a happy World Down Syndrome Day!


Anonymous said...

Only 20 days! Seems like an eternity I'll bet! We are so excited to hear about the arrival of the littlest bug. We will be praying for a quick, safe EASY and wonderful delivery!!!!
Can't wait!
Love, Sue & family